Wearing your gaskets correctly

The most common area of concern for wrist gasket performance is in the underside of the wrist. There are a series of muscles and tendons located at the bottom of your wrist that when flexed, create a raised ridge running down your forearm. This ridge is the main culprit for wet arm syndrome. During the natural phase of a forward power stroke with your paddle, this ridge rises above the wrists surface creating a channel for water to pour in. (this is most commonly noticed when forming a fist.)

The best solution for this common problem is to pull your wrist gasket up your arm until it clears the area of concern and is placed around an area that maintains a flatter surface while your wrist is being flexed.

Depending on your wrist size, this could be a minor problem or a serious one. If water is allowed to flow in through the wrist gasket it will cause the sleeves to wet out prematurely. This will compromise your drytops performance, leaving the paddler to assume that the dry top is leaking.

This is not always the case. Try this solution the next time you paddle. We feel confident it will solve your problem.

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