An Incredible Easter Weekend...

Friday: with over than 20˚C in Ottawa, what better to have a fresh paddling session on the McCoy waves. Still some ice in the put in but nice session on the fast and steep Corner wave then finishing ourselves on the small but fun Baby Face.

After that, go back to Ottawa to find some food and party in the city. Crazy longboarding night throught the city : what a cool way to visit it.

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Saturday : take it easy  and have a rest before cycle to a BBQ down town  with some friendly people.

Sunday : long drive to Hass hole for the most beautifull day of the week end. A tirering session on both hole and wave of this very nice place.

Then drive to the valley and spend the night at Matt Hamilton’s place (thanks a lot Matt).

Monday : Hard waking up !! a bit of rain outside and wet gear. Not too much in fact… Go to the put in not motivated at all and then… Sun appeared during the shuttle !!! Run the Mac Coys, some rides on a cool Baby Face, continue our way on the river and didn’t went in front of the gauge. Arrived in the Lorne rapid, what did we see ?? GARBURATOR !!! We learned later that the level was just Bellow 0 !!! Have a quick run, then go down the river, pick the car and go back to the wave with the Camara (thanks John). That how the week en ended !!!

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