Corsica 2010

Picking the destination for this year’s easter travels was easy. The first two weeks of April is a perfect time to hit the island of Corsica, a french jewel in the mediterean sea. When continental Europe is still cold and snowpacks still grow, Corsica awakes and the rivers get filled with H20. Here is the account of my 2010 travels to Corsica:

Together with Emiel, we set off to Corsica for two weeks, 11 days of paddling. Arriving in the morning we immediatly went to the Golo, close to the port of Bastia where the ferry arrived. Here we met some great and crazy Germans and together we paddled for most of the time we spent here. The river level was quite low, and we feared for our boats (my new WS Habitat) with low water all over the island. Luckily we had quite good timing and most of the rivers we paddled had sufficient water and not too many rocks were hit.

In the region of the infamous Rizzanese we paddled for three days, down the Codi, upper- and lower Rizzanese twice. It’s a shame these rivers are getting dammed, for they are not only some of the islands best rivers, they also offer a valley of great beauty. Hopefully the damming will be slow (it looks pathetically slow compared to last year) and paddlers throughout the world will find their way to these rivers.

KayakSession organized the second annual paddlers gathering on the banks of the Tavignano river, and many people showed up here. I remember people from Germany, France, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, the UK, Ireland and the US. The atmosphere was good, with videos shown and beers being opened and emptied..

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There were two runs on the to do list: the infamous Travo and the Upper-Vecchio, both on the east coast of the island. Last year we decided to do the Rizzanese instead of the the Travo, so I had never paddled Corsica’s most famous river! It is indeed an amazing, bedrock and rollercoaster-like river and a definite must do when you go there. Same for the Upper-Vecchio, great continuous whitewater as described in the April issue of the kayaksession, a real gem!

This weekend there is the national freestyle champs in Zoetermeer, so back into my playboat! Hope to make the team and rock at the Europeans in Lienz, Austria in june!

Stay tuned, videography coming soon,


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