The Good, the Bad and the Old

First, the bad. It's been a long winter of school and I've spent 6 months out of my boat, other than a single rolling clinic in the pool. The Rockies are still locked up in ice and there is more fresh snow on the mountains than there is water in the rivers. This means I conceded to go and paddle the Elbow River at 3.5 cms, a rather bony level, then traveled for 4 hours to get to the Wigwam River and waited over an hour in hale storm for the shuttle. At least it was at a good medium level.

The good. While the grumblings on the internet indicate an extreme drought on the eastern half of the country and the west is sitting at only about 80% of a normal snow pack, the big glaciers of the Rockies will keep us paddling until October, especially on the Yoho and Spillimacheen Rivers. Hopefully the situation out east changes and the rain starts pouring down. This year is looking to be another great year of boating. Cameron and Boundary Creeks in Waterton National Park are on the hit list this year along with a few big un-run waterfalls. Hopefully I will be able to rally a good crew when water levels are prime.

The old.  I have been slaving away at school I haven't had much time to get to my video footage from last year but things are finally starting to wind down. With just one more exam to go my mind has finally turned back to kayaking and I've managed to put the final touches on my video from last season. I am hoping to get this one in the Banff Mountain Film Festival this year. I have it on good authority that they need more paddling films, especially the under 15 minute variety. The majority of the paddling is from the Canadian Rockies in both BC and Alberta, filmed in 2009.

Below is a photo from a trip to Cameron in 2007. Can you see why I want to get back to that run ?

Thanks to Shon Cottrill for the photo.

[caption id="attachment_1610" align="aligncenter" width="615" caption="Mikkel, Wild Thing on Cameron Creek"]Cameron Creek[/caption]


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