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The French paddlers have been pushing limits in freestyle kayakking for a while now with their Gui Gui Boats and progressive paddling, but this years Metz Rodeo was nuts! I took off 8 in the morning, but the quick 4 hour drive the TomTom calculated ended up in 8 hours of traffic jam. We arrived in time to do a little session though and for a medical checkup that was needed (for foreign paddlers).

I was coaching some juniors this competition and it was a lot of fun. Okay, they do question you with a thousand useless questions, but the fun in return is totally worth it. They actually did really well with Jim Rovekamp ending 1st in kids and a personal high score! Myself I got 5th in prelims, pulling it off unexpectedly, but I screwed up the prelims and ended 13th. Pretty happy though as the French level is super high!

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Mathieu Dumoulin totally blew everybody away in his new Gui Gui and arguably throwing the biggest and cleanest Mcnasty's and Phoenix's I have ever seen, scoring 1585 point in his final run! Thanks everybody for another great weekend.

Ciao, Raoul

ps. Party was crazy French style all-night-long :)

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