Hell or High Water... What a weekend!

This was the second year that paddlers had decended on the Ottawa Valley town of  Petawawa for the 2nd anual HOHW weekend.
Rumour has it that 180 paddlers race in saturdays races.  A number of paddlers also hiked into the upper Petawawa river on the sunday for some great river running.
For the second year running the organizers did an amazing job organizing the event!
Level six had a great showing and tons of the new yellow gear was everywhere.  We even had the legend himself STIG!

The level six raft team made it down the race course in one piece.  (barely).  Billy, Mathieu, Katie, Stig, Annie, and myself made up the team.   (Tyler will be there next year...)

Billy and Carly Harris also showed up and had the fastest time down the river in there Dinamic duo.

[caption id="attachment_1879" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="I think I'm supposed to be racing not surfing."][/caption]

I unfortunately did not repeat my victory from last year.  I was more into surfing I guess...

To top off a great event weekend,  I got to surf Garberator when I got home Sunday evening.  ( ya garb in may)
See you on the river,

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