California Dreamin'

My first trip down to Cali for some 'classic' creeking was unforgettable . . .

[caption id="attachment_2180" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="50 footer South Branch"][/caption]

The trip started out a little rough, as we arrived in Placerville and instead of being greeted by the 'California sun', we were greeted by a full-on blizzard.

Following the cold, snowy day we were lucky to have 80 degrees and sun . . . this raised the enjoyment of the trip tremendously.  We didn't have a lot of time in Cali on this particular trip, but the group got on some quality whitewater:  Middle Consumnes (in the blizzard), South Branch of the Middle Feather, Pauley Creek and 49 to Bridgeport on the Yuba.

To read more about this 'quick stop to Cali', check out

See you on the river . . . and, hope to return to Cali soon!

Heather Herbeck

Team L6


  • Merar

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  • Juan

    I’ve never surfed, but I’ve loved to Boogie-Board with my kids over the years. The same pinlcipres apply so I can relate. If I wait too long, miss a great wave and simpy stand there watching it fade away I WILL soon be hit from behind and caught off guard by the next one. It’s so important that I let the missed opportunities go and be on the look out for whatever God is sending my way next. Great thoughts, Pete!

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