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As Annie and I are gearing up for a trip out West to the Kananaskis Whitewater Festival and our National Freestyle Team Trials I have been thinking about my favourite paddling gear.  I’ve got a favourite boat and paddle and drytop etc.  But what is my overall favourite piece of gear?  What piece of gear do I wear every single time I go paddling?  No matter what the weather, no matter what the river – I always wear my Level Six River Boot.  I picked up my River Boots from the Level Six office in November 2007 and I am still wearing the exact same pair!  I have worn them on a 21 day trip down the Grand Canyon, on a 2 month trip through Central America, to the World Championships in Switzerland, and every day in my normal paddling 6 days a week.  After 3 years of harsh and continuous use I am still using the same pair.  The River Boots are the piece of equipment that I have used the longest in my life and the one that I use every single time I step in a boat.  Thanks to Level Six for designing and building the best piece of paddling gear I have ever used in 18 years of hard paddling.

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