Slalom Nationals

Well as most of the office headed out on a road trip to Salt Lake City to attend the big Outdoor Retail Show, I also decided to head out of the office as well.  The National Championships of Slalom Kayaking at the Gull River in Minden seamed like the place to go.  All of the top Canadian athletes were there sporting the Level Six Competition line that includes a sweet line up of light weight combi tops and the ever popular Race-Lite PFD.

The results straight from Steve (one of the organizers) are “The weekend saw perennial national champion David Ford (BC) retain his national title in a close race over ORR's (and Level Six’s) Ben Hayward and John Hastings. In women's race Caroline Queen from US just beat out top Canadians, with official Canadian title going to Pembroke's Olympian Sarah Boudens and ORR Thea Froelich 2nd Canadian. Michael Tayler won his 3rd National Junior title while Alex McGee won first ever C1 women's junior race. In the inter-provincial Greer Cup, Ontario handily defeated Alberta 119.5 points to 93.5”

Check out the photos of the weekend below.  Photo credits go to John Rathwell and Level Six Team Member Mikkel St.Jean-Duncan

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