The Irish man finally makes it too Lachine

Lachine located on the St Laurence, only a short drive from Montreal’s downtown, is one of the best waves I have ever surfed. However, not really knowing where we were going, it took a little longer than usual to get there. Montreal being a big city, it took us a while to find our friends house, who turned out not to be there. So we ventured to the car park by Lachine.

Leaving the others to have the car I slept on the ground in the car park. However being the big city that Montreal is, the cops woke us up about 5 minutes after my head hit the pillow and got us up out of bed. But after a few minutes of my appalling French and their patience we explained to them, that we were not drinking or doing drugs so they let us be and we slept through the night.

We woke up to a few keen surfers the next morning, who proceeded to call us ‘skids’, which I never really got, regardless we got up grabbed food for the day and headed out to the wave.

I was told not having a jet ski to help with the loop around made a big difference, despite this it is one of the best waves I have ever been on. It was surreal how far away from the bank you really were when you were surfing.

The waves size and speed let out some great potential for big tricks. The day we had seen some big aerial pan-am’s, clean blunts, and air screws.

Although work with Ottawa Kayak School only allowed us a one-day trip to Montreal I have to say it was one of the best one-day surf session I have had in a long while. I guarantee there will be more trips out there, and not to mention the creek races the US fall has in store for us.

Stay tuned…

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