right now i'm running around with a small ball of anxiety in my belly scrambling to get ready to leave for europe tomorrow morning. but let's rewind a few days.

i've been agonizing over what to do about a balance between school and canoeing all summer or really since the conclusion of the 2008 olympics. there have been moments i was about ready to quit both and collect cans off the street. ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. two days ago, i reached the limit of my tolerance for the large number of general education classes standing between me and even getting into my junior year. unfortunately, i missed the deadline for a clean withdrawal from this fall semester which would've granted me a tuition refund and wiped all record of my ever having been in class. my school allows only 6 of what they call W's, a withdrawal beyond the deadline i just missed. a W would not be reflected on my transcript, but would not allow me a refund. i already have four because i dropped out part way through spring semester 2009 to go on a canoeing trip to mexico… at this point i was faced with either finishing the semester or taking the $3,500 tuition hit and receiving three F's as my reward for exceeding the withdrawal limit.

my mind was racing with possible ways i could squirm through some sort of loop hole and free myself to drop out of school consequence free, again, to spend my time canoeing. i had a scholarship in 2009 and it wasn't my money that was lost. responsible right? maybe i could get some sort of scholarship refund of my tuition and then drop out. but after a day of fruitless scheming and another school-might-just-not-be-for-me conversation with my poor parents, i came to the soul crushing conclusion that i had to at least stick it out until the end of this semester.

after schlepping through class the next day, i checked my student email to find a rather official looking email from the registrar's office. it read, "Your Fall 2010 Classes have been canceled due to non-payment of tuition and fees… As a result of the drop, you no longer owe the university the tuition and fees associated with the course(s)." i had paid my tuition before the deadline, and i'm honestly not sure if i missed some random 50 dollar surcharge or if they just made a mistake. needless to say i didn't ask any questions. whether it was there mistake or mine, it is perhaps the most serendipitous of my career thus far. i immediately called my coach and we both started laughing. my dad, on the other hand, had a slightly more sober response. i waited until later that night to call my mom so that my dad could be the one to tell her.

so now it's off to tacen, slovenia for the world championships homework free and then back to the u.s. to get back on my full time grind preparing for upcoming seasons and most importantly london 2012.

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