Official Kick Off to New York Creekin’ Season!

Well with Labour Day coming and passing it has meant that the New York creekin’ season has finely arrived.  It all starts out with a little event we like to call Beaver Fest.  Now to not get your hopes up about Beaver Fest I will tell you what it is.  In upstate New York, only 2 hours away from our head office here at Level Six lies a little gem of a river called The Beaver.  It offers 3 great sections of white water.  The always fun Taylorville section that is a great warm up run or introduction to creeking.  The Moshier section which is a sweet class IV-V run that starts with 2 really nice waterfalls and ends with a long continuous class V.  And finally the Eagle slide.  A huge narrow steep slide.  A perfect way to end the trip.

We figured these sections of river would be a stellar opportunity to take out the new Reign Drytop prototype and it did not disappoint.  All the new features worked to perfection and I spent the entire weekend as dry as a bone with toasty warm hands thanks to the fleece lined pocket.  Keep your eyes peeled for the new top on your local creek in the next few weeks as it will be spending a lot of time traveling and running tons of gnar!

- John Rathwell, Level Six Test Subject.

Photos by; John Rathwell, Meagan Potter, Grahame Hamilton

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