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This past summer has been pretty hectic. I was teaching every week for OKS’s teen resident camp, and not only being on the water with the kids but also spending time off the water doing mountain biking, rock climbing or other evening activities. Then on weekends whenever I was unlucky I would spend my time at the back of a raft. A week before team trials, which were the 23rd, and 24th of August out in Alberta on the Kannaskis river, I decided that I needed to spend some time training in a hole because living on the Ottawa the last thing I wanted to do was surf a hole when I could be surfing Garb or Push Button. But that’s what I did, I would try for two sessions a day, one at Joe Mamas and the other at Blacks, practicing Cartwheels and Loops, and learning how to Sliptwheel and Space Godzilla. Living on the Ottawa, you become so spoiled with the warm water that being on the Kannaskis with glassier run off, my hands and face were cold the entire time with constant ice cream headaches. Thankfully I had just gotten my Miss dry top 2 weeks before so all my under lairs stayed nice and dry. We could only train for a few hours a day, because the plant would only release water for maybe 3-4 hours a day. Everyone was training hard and seeing huge air by a lot of people. The hole was tricky thought sometimes you would see the best of the best flushing after one trick, so it was really anyone’s games going into the competition. It was my first year no longer being a junior, finally competing with the ladies and I made the cut from 10 to 5 for prelims and finished 5th overall. Once back on the Ottawa spent a few nights after work training for the Pan-American Championships that were held on Saturday Sept 4th. Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, there were a great number of athletes that came to rip it up on Push Button. I’ve never been so stoked for a competition before to sit in an eddy with 10 other solid chick boaters from North America, such as other Level Six team member Brenna Kelly, Annie Marchand and Katrina Van Wijk. There were just such good vibes and energy going on in that eddy that day, lots of smile and laughter. Everyday should be like that on the water.[gallery link="file"]

Katie K

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