Advice on Dry Gear Leakage

I have seen some massive improvements in Dry suit designs.  Innovative zippers, newer, better materials, sweet patterns and booties with Killer cordura soles that make them awsome.  The newest gear from Level Six, especially the suits and tops are in my mind the best Level Six has ever made.  THAT BEING SAID DON"T BE COMPLAINING IF IT LEAKS ON YOU here is why.


Just cause you got a state of the art dry suit doesn't mean you stomp around in it without booties. At the very least Get a pair of Cheap Fake crocks and be nice to the feet.  The feet no matter how expencive the material will leak if you get your strut on without river booties.


When you take the wrists and neck gaskets off don't just pull, separate the latex at the opening and be nice.  People who complain about the wrists leaking all the time, your the same monkeys that just pull at the sleeve at the end of the day to get the top off.  Take your time, you can delaminate the seam tape at the writs joints by pulling at aprox 35 lbs every time you take it off.  SO no matter how sweet the new LEVEL 6 suit is, you have to treat the equipment with a little LOVE.

- BIlly Harris

For more info on wearing wrist gaskets correctly, check out Level Six's post  in "Expert's Corner": Wearing your gaskets correctly.

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