Better Than You Imagined Premiere @ Beaus Brewery

This year we will be premiering our new movie, Better Than You Imagined, at Beaus Brewery.  We will also be traveling around to different venues to premiere the movie.

Each event will be a fund raiser for Currents & First Descents Canada.

There will be lots of awesome prizes including some from Level 6 and a Jackson Kayak!!  (proceeds from the Jackson Kayak raffle will go towards American Whitewater's initiatives in New York)
The movie looks amazing and was worked on by Tyler Fox, Blake Mahoney, Mike Kobzik, and myself.  It has some unreal locations including Thailand, Ecuador, South Korea, Pacific Northwest, and many more.

The first of the events will be on October 29th at the Brewery.  Click here for a link to the Facebook event page.

Other nights will include:








Five2Nine -Better Than You Imagined - Trailer 1 from Five 2 Nine Productions on Vimeo.

Try to make it out if you are in the areas listed.  There will be more coming online soon.  Email info (at) if you need some more info.

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