Quebec with Algonquin College

This past week I had the opportunity to instruct and safety boat for the Algonquin College students as they put their new raft guiding skills to practice on their trip to Quebec. We started out at the college in Pembroke to pack up the vehicles.

Our first stop was the Gatineau River. A great start for the pro raft guides who have been guiding for a total of 6 days!

It wasn't long before we made our way to the first rapid, which is by no stretch easy to guide for these new pro's.

As they scouted their ideal lines, I went out for some play time on the top two waves!

After having my fun, I made my way to the bottom of the rapid to get ready for the unlikely carnage...

And then I put my foot in my mouth. Yikes!

A lot of the raft crews did make it through Lucifer's hole without much difficulty. I was pretty impressed considering the water level was at 11 on the gauge and rising!

This is me trying to boof, off line. Turns out a boof stroke doesn't work when you are sliding over rocks... Lesson learned.

Here is Corey dropping into High Tension when it is more of a hole than an epic wave.  Here are some more rafting and kayaking pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Head Wall, Gatineau River

Canyon Rapid on the Upper Rouge

Taking a look at the Seven Sisters waterfall section on the Rouge River.

Me running the waterfall on the Upper Jacques Cartier River. The river was at 120 cms, the day before it was at 90cms and the day after it was at 190cms.

The only flip on this rapid. Pretty exciting!

All and all, the Algonquin students did an great job with only 6 days under their belts. What a great trip to be a part of. Unfortunately it had to come to an end, though with the return to the Ottawa River being at flood levels, I was not to disappointed that it ended when it did!

Bus Eater update to come!

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