Journey Blog 1

Introducing the Journey Blog, a collection of stories that document those formative years of Level Six. In the blog you'll hear often untold tales that detail the journey that has lead the company to where it is today. Stay tuned, it's well worth a read.

Chapter 1:

“No way man, fair trade!  It’s my shirt now!” Over that exchange of a few scruffy words Level Six was born.

It wasn’t even a particularly great shirt. It looked more like a pyjama top, complete with beer stains and the wreak of sweat and salt water. It had “Level Five” written across the chestand some sort of Japanese writing. It was a great score since we were better surfers than them.

“Looks like we’ve found a name for that company we’re going to start.” stated Stig.

“Are you going to eat that?” as I stared at his leftover rice and beans. “And what name would that be?”

“Level Six.”


We grabbed our boards and headed out for another surf.

And that was that – no more brainstorming, no more passing around ideas, random searches. It was likely 35 + degrees on the beach that February day in Costa Rica. And the company had a name. Now we just needed to get some products out there.

How do you do that when you’re a 24 year old paddler living off an $8 an hour job? Have a party of course!

So we had a “Going into Business” party, headed downtown Ottawa to register the business, got some t shirts made up and started selling them.

I still see a few of those t shirts kicking around every once in a while. It is pretty cool to see.

So what happened next?

Stay tuned.


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