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This past Sunday a large crew or North Coast homies and I ventured up into the California mainland in search of some stout. What we found was Tish Tang. Tish Tang has an intimidating entry drop, a blind lip, and a mank exit drop with some wood in it.

After lots of procrastination four of us put in and paddled the sobering half mile down to the falls. Including Paul Gamche, Erik Boomer, David Ernst, and I. The entry drop looked way different from river level and we continued to scout the drop for about half an hour. On account of the marginal looking entrance Gamache decided to do safety and hike his boat out.

Boomer stepped up and was ready to go. David and I couldn't see shit from the top, but after a short time we saw Boomer crawling up the shore to join the rest of our video and safety crew. I went next and then the German.

Everyone had sweet lines and all in all it was a great day. Thanks to Level Six for my favourite piece of gear here on the North Coast: the Barrier Drysuit. Also Accent Paddles: best creek boat paddle... ever!

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Boomer broke his paddle and the german David Ernst lost his paddle on impact and somehow made it through the mank exit drop unscathed.

In this photo you can see our safety bro Christian Figeuroa-Tyler.

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Look for Tish Tang footy in an upcoming Chronicles of Rage Webisode.


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