Playboating in mid-winter . . . PNW style!

I have never been known to hang at the local 'playspot', nor known for even owning a playboat . .  but, I have set a new goal this winter:  learn to playboat, feel comfortable getting my butt kicked in a hole, in return, giving me better creeking technique and more confidence!

So, I got myself a Jackson Fun, the appropriate gear for cold weather and colder water temps, and a coach (my hubby) and headed to the local playspot.  I plan on spending some quality time here this winter and look forward to Level Six keeping me warm!

Here is a quick video clip from our day at Rattlesnake Rapid.

Winter playboating in the PNW . . . from Sheer Madness Productions on Vimeo.

Heather Herbeck

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