Snow Kayak

Tour Diary Entry:

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After a long and fulfilling trip from the east coast of America to the west coast including the 15th annual Green River Narrows Race in Asheville NC where I place eleventh with a time of 4:53 in my first appearance, Tish Tang Falls in Northern California, and the Skookumchuk Narrows which are just Northwest of Vancouver BC.

I've been home in LApasse, ontario since the 14th of January. On the 17th of January I had my all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled in an operation at the hospital. After three days of christmas feasting and family visits we ventured out into the Canadian wilderness to try some snow boat riding.

Check out the photos below and look for the video in an up&and coming Chronicles of Rage webisode.

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This Toor Diary courtesy of Airborn Athletics * Lost Boys Entertainment*

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