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Welcome to Northern California...

The fourth installment in the Chronicles of Rage series brings you Erik Boomer and Kyle shredding on their home turf.

Merry Christmas & a Safe New Year!




- Hey i think that you and pro should put up a post about refmienent and some info about itThings like-saving Blood Essence and good ways to get it-what level to refine weapons (and how high to refine)Just an idea, i am sure there is plenty of other stuff you could add to it. Thanks.

Jul 19, 2015


Hello Grade 2/3,I think your paddling song is worefndul. I can see how it would help keep up the rhythm while paddling in a canoe.Yes, I have been in canoes. One time my Year 5 were on a camp. One of the activities was canoeing. The small lake was perfect. If someone did manage to tip their canoe, they were able to stand up as the deepest part was only waist deep. Besides, we all had life jackets on because of safety rules.One of the things my class liked was to try to catch me. I’m a pretty big guy and was a lot stronger than them. When they got nearer, I would dig in and move off leaving a wake behind me. It was great fun.In our town, we have a Dragon Boat team. The Dragon Boat is based on traditional ones from China. They are an all woman team and can sometimes be seen on our main tidal lake. They don’t seem to sing but the person at the tiller does call the stroke to keep them in time.Being a tourist town with a large salt water tidal lake, canoeing and kayaking are also available for visitors and locals. I think I prefer canoeing to kayaks as there’s more room for a person like me. Ross Mannell (teacher)NSW, Australia

Jul 16, 2015

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