A Month Today

9am on the 19th of Febuary is one month away and counting down really fast. (well no faster than normal but it seams that way)
I only have 6 more days of work and we are in the absolute final stages planning.Russell's attic is starting to over flow with all the things you could possabibly need for a sea kayak trip around this pretty big island we live on. So I can pretty much say it's all going well.

There are still the normal questions running around my head but for the first time most of them are being answered with yes.

Do we have all the safety kit? Yes
Are we going to be warm enough? yes (cheers to Level 6)
Do we know where we are going? Yes. Off the beach, turn right.
Are enough people donating to the MNDA? This will never be a yes, but there are more people getting to know what we are doing so that will help.

There are heaps more like that but as I say, for most of them I awnser Yes, and the ones I say No for are pretty much out of my control now. It has to be a good thing I guess but it also means we are very close to the trip of a life time which makes me quite nervous.

After these 6 last days of work I will be making the final move with all my gear down to Essex and that will be it. From then on for the next 4-5 months my life will be consumed by the ocean and how to get safely through it.

We have our fingers crossed that the next 30 days will be as smooth as the past few months so we can get on the water and start this thing. I think i can speak for the both of us when I say "just bring it on!!"

We have to say a massive thanks to all our sponsors as without them this trip would not have been possible. Level 6 has provided us with some amazing kit to keep us dry and warm. There are also heaps more, too many to list so please go to our site and have a look. And if you can, click on that donate button and give what you can to the MNDA.

There will be photos and more to come before we leave so keep an eye on this space.

That's it for now


Aaron Price (the back half of Open Horizons)

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