Saga of the Cup

March 2010:

The Level Six Capital Cup is a yearly celebration of everything paddling. Apart from the great display of freestyle paddling on the water, there’s the amazing stories’ being shared by the people hanging out on shore. “I remember this one drop on the (insert river name here), it was amazing…”, or “This one time I swam big time on the (insert river name here), it was insane…”  At last year’s Capital Cup Afterburner party I personally experienced a great story told by the guru storyteller himself. The master Dan Drost had about 3 tables absolutely transfixed, hanging on his every word. Every sentence was so enthusiastic, well placed, and exquisitely timed.  I was in the presence of greatness.  It’s stories like these told all over the world that keeps the paddling community as tight knit as it is.

It is not surprising then that the Capital Cup has its share of stories to be told. Sure, the event will be remembered, and not to mention the party’s afterwards (one word: epic), but it’s the Cup itself that may have the most ridiculous anecdotes to tell.  It seems it’s become tradition for someone to steal the coveted Capital Cup trophy only shortly after being awarded. It’s become expected here at L6 headquarters to not see or hear of the Cup until the month or so before the upcoming competition. Photos come in that show the cup in very precarious circumstances; none however ever show the cup in any real danger. As can be seen below, it’s all in good fun, and the cup always manages to come back and make an appearance.

We here at L6 headquarters have reason to believe that the situation surrounding the Cup this year may be different, and very grave indeed. There have been some disturbing images surfacing in the inbox’s here at Level Six. These images are graphic and disturbing in nature, and leave everyone extremely concerned about the whereabouts and condition of the Cup. Again, the photos below contain disturbing images. Parental discretion is advised.

Judging by the evidence, it will be a miracle if the Cup surfaces at the banks of the Ottawa River for the 2011 Capital Cup. If it does appear in one piece?  Well, I guess it’ll be one hell of a story!

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