I adore my onesie!

This past month has been pretty good. Starting a new semester of school, new classes, new Profs, and one semester closer to being done! Well still another 2 years to go but still. Besides learning all sorts of business related things, I’ve been working at Mount Pakenham teaching little kids how to ski. It’s definitely strange to spend a winter back in Canada after spending last winter in Chile, but I’m enjoying it so far, hopefully we will still be getting lots more snow, because all this

snow means a big spring. Fingers crossed. Last Sunday, MP just finished the first half of the of the 10 week programs. I had the cutest groups of 3 year olds. And thankfully they didn't cry all that often. But what I am even more thankful for is level six’s Hot Fuzz, Women's Fleece Unisuit! For keeping me toasty warm every day when I’m on the hill! Especially two Sundays ago when it was like -30 or something ridiculous like that. It was something I picked up this past fall and was pretty excited to wear it for spring boating. But it is now my favourite piece of winter layering. I adore my onesie!

A little over two weeks ago I decided I am going to run the half marathon in Ottawa at the end of May. So lately my life consists of school and going to the gym. But why did I ever decide I was going to run 13.1 miles? That is 21 kilometres, which is crazy, but I don’t really know. So far I’ve ran is a little over 6 miles which equals a little over 10k. Almost half way there! And every week I just keep building it up, running 4-5 shorter runs, just a quick 5k, and then one longer run a week. This week my long run will be 7 miles. As of right now I’m not looking to do it within a certain time, I just want to be able to run the entire thing. But it’s great, I’m really enjoying it so far and it’s making me start training early which is nice, and well the Level Six Cup is coming up in just a little over two months! April 30th is the last possible day for exams so hopefully I don’t have an exam that day, cause that would suck. I wonder what is Algonquin policy on writing exams early? :)

But that’s all for now!


Katie K

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