F@^* the Rigs I'm Goin' Home

For the last little while 5 months, with the exception of a wicked 5 weeks in China livin it up on the Salween, I have been working on the rigs in Alberta, and Northern BC... However with the news that I was voted into the Whitewater Grand Prix and the fact that it was -51 outside with the wind chill for two days straight with no signs of letting up, I had no problems leaving my job as roughneck behind to header home to Ottawa with the intention to train full time for the event.

The following photos are from the day I left camp and the rig via 8 seater plane to Edmonton, the day I started my drive home from Edmonton, made it to Calgary, and got a call from Max Davidson which lead to a week long party mission to Rossland BC, then a few shots from the drive home...
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