Name: Billy Harris

Hails From: "Parts Unknown"

Favourite River: Ottawa River, I bought a house on the dam river where else would I pick. Gawd!!

Favourite Level Six Gear: Barrier Dry Suit (that s#&t is warm!)

Story: Started traveling and paddling, working in R.O.China and traveling from there to Nepal. I spent the winters paddling and came back and worked on the Ottawa for a rafting company called River Run.  I made the team in 2000 and have been on it ever since.  Spent the last 17 years paddling professionally all over the planet, SE Asia, around Africa, South America, North America and parts of Europe.  I run my own international trips, write this from Chile scouting out the country for running a trip down here next year. I play boat a bit, did a fair bit of it and still do.

Plans for this summer: My plans for the summer are paddling, traveling, teaching and spending time with my beautiful wife.  Who, ps, is way too hot for me to have, but managed to get in there anyway. Wicked!

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): Of my friends I am the most good looking of the bunch, ya they are ok an all famous yes I guess.  Dave New-in-house, Benny Marr, "Tino" Martin Specht to name a few. Which by the way, Specht, sounds like a chunk of phlegm in the back of my mouth. Specht, what a dumb last name.  Well these clowns have got nothing on me in terms of good looks, that's Science, seriously.  But for real, my croquet skills are what they really sing songs about.  Brush up your croquet rules and regulations before you start enjoying this riveting game. Croquet can be played competitively or socially and you will find there are several sets of rules based on the level of game you're playing.

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