Name: Cole O'Connor-Stratton

Hails From: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Favourite River: Wainui River, Kaimais, New Zealand

Favourite Level Six Gear: The Vault 110L dry bag is great for any trip or training. The Armour All elbow protection keeps my arms safe but still lets me move freely.

Story: It all started when I was trying out for this elite school class at school when i was 13 you had to do all of the school sports in the trial. back then I played soccer which is what i was trying to make it for. Kayaking was one of the sports in the trial trying to impress I put my name down to look sporty. A week later I get a phone call to go kayaking I miss the flat water day and rock up the next day to go on the white water. I get smashed in this big hole and swam many times that day. I loved the thrill and haven't stopped since then. Now 17 and training hard in slalom but creeking when ever I get the chance or the rain comes.

Plans for this summer: New Zealand Selection races for the National Team in Canoe Slalom, then traveling to Australia for the Australian Open and Oceania Champs. Just training but when ever the rain comes hitting up the hills that surround my home the Kaimais. Also some seeking and scouting some new water falls and creeks we have found hopefully some first D's ;) .

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): Being named Cumec Magazines sports awards: Junior paddler of the year

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