Name: Hailey Thompson

Hails From: The woods of Wisconsin

Favourite River: The Ottawa, the Cheat Canyon, Pine Creek, the Lower Big Sandy

Favourite Level Six Gear: C1 long-sleeve Nylon Combi Top

Story: I'm a sixteen year old girl who chases rivers, races, and rain. I've grown up in an outdoors, paddling family, and my parents have truly inspired me to dedicate my self to what I'm passionate about: paddling. I spend most of my boating time slalom racing, but I also love playboating and creeking when the runs are high. In addition to paddling, I enjoy telemark and cross country skiing, backpacking, climbing, swimming in big, cold lakes, reading, drawing, singing, and general adventurous-fun-activities.

Plans for this summer: I plan on competing in Europe in the World Cups in Prague, Czech Republic, and Seu, Spain, the Junior World Championships in Foix, France, and the Senior World Championships in Tacen, Slovenia. In my down time at home, I'll be teaching paddling on the local course in Wausau, Wisconsin, playboating, hiking, and enjoying my time with friends and family.

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete):

1st Womens' Canoe at 2009 Nationals

1st Womens' Canoe at the 2010 U.S. Open

1st Womens' Canoe at the 2010 Charlotte Open

1st Womens' Canoe on the 2010 National Team

4th Womens' Canoe at the 2009 Pre-Worlds in Tacen, Slovenia

14th Womens' Canoe at the 2009 World Championships in Seu, Spain

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