Hyunsoo Kim

Name: Hyunsoo Kim

Hails From: Seoul, South Korea

Favourite River: Misan Creek, Kokatahi River, Green River Narrow

Favourite Level Six Gear: Emperor Dry Suit

Story: I’ve been kayaking for 17 years.  Whitewater is my passion and I love kayaking more than anything. Kayaking has helped me travel all over the world and make amazing friends. It’s my raison d'être! If this was my last day on Earth, I would go kayaking all day.

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): 

1999: Competed for the first time at the Asian Canoe Polo Championship

2003: Competed in Southern Traverse, NZ, one of the biggest adventure races in the world.

2004: Korean Slalom National Championship 1st

2005: Slalom World Cup Race, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain

2005, 2009, 2013: Competed in the World Freestyle Championship