Name : Kalem Kennedy

Lives in: Beachburg Ontario( Ottawa Valley)

Favourite Rivers: Ottawa River, White Nile Uganda

Favourite Play Spot: Mini Bus, Garb

Favourite Level Six Gear: Everything that keeps me warm during Stakeout

Story: Began kayaking at my families cottage on the Ottawa in my Uncles old Dagger boat during windstorms. My brother and I played in the white caps and loved how we could ride the waves. I was hooked from there. When I turned 12, I did my first week of Teen Camp at Wilderness Tours followed by a few sessions of Keeners at OKS. When I was 14 ,I qualified for the Canadian Freestyle Team and participated in the 2013 World Freestyle Championships in North Carolina. I was not expecting to do very well as I was just getting the hang of hole boating but I trained hard, had fun and did my best . I ended up placing 13th in the Men's Junior division and top Canadian at the event. 2014 , participated in the Canadian Team Trials and placed 2nd behind my brother Quinton. Biggest trip so far was a trip to Uganda with my brother in March of this year.The Nile was a beautiful river where I trained for the 2015 World's that will be hosted on my home river , the Ottawa

Plans for Summer: Paddle everyday and to be ready to kick my brothers ass at Worlds!

Claims to Fame: at the age of 14, a very terrified young lad sat in an Eddy above Coliseum Rapid with some of the best kayakers in the World ready to take on the Gladiator Wave at the Ottawa XL. Not sure what scared me more, sitting among my kayaking idols or actually paddling out in the hopes of catching a surf on this wave. placed 13th at World's in 2013, Placed 2nd at Canadian Team Trials 2014.

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