Name: Marie-Pier Côté

Hails From: Beaupré (Around Québec)

Favourite River: Jacques Cartier river. It's good for big water, technical down river and creek. You can always find what you need.

Favourite Level Six Gear: Miss Jacket

Story: About 20 years of experience in whitewater kayaking. I'm doiing slalom, down river, creek, freestyle and squirt. Whitewater padling is a passion for me and it makes me feel better all the time.

Plans for this summer: ,  Squirt world championship in Germany, couples of slalom and downriver race and as much festivals I can on the East coast in Canada and USA.

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete):

2011 : Paddling for Pyranha and Esquif paddle
2010 : 1st at the Canadien Squirt trials
2008 : 1st at the Canadien Squirt trials
3th at the Canadien Freestyle trials
2008: First descente for a female into the Petite Bostonnais, Latuque
2000 to 2004: Downriver canadien team member. I did worlds championship and worlds cup around the worlds for 4 years.

Other Blogs/Sites: (only in french for the moment)