Name: Mathieu Coldebella

Hails From: France

Favourite River: Le Garbet. My home creek spot : I go out from my bed room with my kayak and walk to the river. Nice class IV gorge. Come, I'll show you...

Favourite Level Six Gear: The Duke: light, dry and strong, the perfect dry top when the spring comes.

Story: First time in a boat at school, then I met very good kids (I was 11) to paddle with. I was not very good but never stoped training...Thanks to everyone supporting me.

Plans for this summer: Teva Extreme games in Italy, the Ocean coast to surf and kayak. Maybe few weeks in Norway and go back to school (or work)

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): Kayak is my life but I do something else too. Longboarding, rock climbing, snowboarding, tramploine... Just live !!!

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