Name: Mike McKay

Hails From: Ottawa, Ontario

Favourite River:

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Story: Like many conservationists, Mike McKay believes that greater recreational use of rivers promotes a stronger recognition of their importance and a greater engagement from the broader public to protect them. Mike began kayaking rivers recreationally and as he got to know some of the fascinating people who dedicate their lives to protecting these precious waterways, he grew more motivated to tell their stories. As kayaking takes him and his crew to rivers, waterfalls and beautiful scenery around the world, he tells the story of each region’s rivers, people and paddlers in a 12-episode series called CURRENTS.  Mike’s company, Five2Nine Productions is now looking to create partnerships with more schools and organizations around the world to use whitewater kayaking as a means to educate people about the risks threatening the world’s rivers.

Plans for this summer:

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