Our Canadian Roots

Level Six is a Canadian company born and bred on the banks of the Ottawa River.  Designed in Ottawa and tested on the water all over the world, we strive to provide the best paddling equipment and gear possible to make your paddling experience complete.  Whether you are playing on the river, scouting that next descent, touring the cove, challenging yourself with a new SUP yoga pose or just hanging out at the lake; Level Six promises to keep you comfortable, technically sound and outlasting trends.  

For us at Level Six, our values lie in the heart of our sport — the water.

We strive to protect, prevent and conquer the environmental wear and tear on our ecosystems by donating to river and environment conservation. We also go out of our way to ensure all of our products are made as efficiently as possible to minimize waste.  Our design team is constantly challenging and improving upon the industry standards to keep up with the remarkable advancements and achievements in paddle sports. In such a tight knit community, we focus on providing the essentials you need to make your adventures come to life on and off the water. Over the years Level Six has set itself apart by gathering a following of paddlers from all over the world who support our badge — Everything Paddling.

See you on the water.