Name: Raoul Collenteur

Hails From: Leiden de gekste, Netherlands

Favourite River: High Tension, Fuy, Upper-Vecchio, Futaleufu

Favourite Level Six Gear: Mack Drytop, Mits

Story: That's me, a kayaker trying to find the best way between sports, travel and study which so far in my life has been pretty good. I love surfing waves, paddle a creek and sometimes get in a different kind of boat, or play in a hole. If not kayaking I study Earth sciences, which is pretty cool and makes yo travel a lot, or sit in the sun with friends. Live day by day.

Places Travelled: Most of Europe except scandinavia (should do), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile

Plans for this summer: Norway, big volume creekboating, and the Teva Chiusella creek race.

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): 7th Junior Worlds Champs, 9th Europeans champs 2008, Teva Ambassador and a kick-ass scientist;-)

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