Ryan Mooney

Name: Ryan Mooney

Hails From: Charlemont, Massachusetts USA

Favourite River: Ottawa River, CAN Upper Yough River,WV, Deerfield River, MA, Moose River,NY, Middlebury Gorge, VT

Favourite Level Six Gear: The Barrier Drysuit is bomb. Also the Reign Dry top is super dry and is great for anytime of the year.

Story: I started paddling when I was eight years old on the Deerfield River in Charlemont, MA in my little red Pyranha kayak. Even at that young age I was spurred on by my mom being an Olympic Slalom kayaker and my parents owning Crabapple Whitewater, a rafting company on the Deerfield River. Ever since, my passion for the sport has grown and I’ve been paddling the class III-IV section of various rivers almost every weekend when I was 12. This has led to a growing number of trips every year and I seem to travel further and further to explore rivers and creeks in my area. My other passion is alpine ski racing, and I’m currently enrolled at Green Mountain Valley School in Northern Vermont. I’m fortunate to kayak with Justin Beckwith who is known by most as Vermont’s best paddler. The school is very close to the Middlebury Gorge, a class V gorge run, and the New Haven, a class IV playground that features a famous toaster waterfall and an 18 foot auto boof with a great landing that is perfect for a couple laps before class in the morning! As I grow as a kayaker I’d love to continue traveling and pushing my limits while having as much fun as possible.

Plans for this summer: I will be working for my parents at Crabapple shooting video and also paddling everyday somewhere. I plan to travel to the Ottawa River, Maine, the West Virginia area, New York and hopefully more creeks in Canada.

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): Youngest Descent of the Middlebury Gorge, VT (14 years old), Team Werner paddles, Team Pyranha kayaks, always being ready to go early in the morning

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