Spencer Lacy

Name: Spencer Lacy

Age: 23

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Story: I am an engineering student in Boulder, CO and I have been paddling on the river for my entire life. My father (Gary Lacy) designs whitewater kayak parks and he has gotten me into all of the river activities that I do. I am a competitive nordic ski racer, mountain biker, kayaker, cross-country runner, and adventure racer. I started whitewater stand-up paddling a few years ago, and it has developed into my favorite sport.

In January 2014, I started looking forward to whitewater SUP racing season. My hard work ski racing all winter and hours of practice on the board in whitewater paid off when the racing began. I was suddenly slaying the pros who were light years ahead of me the summer before. It turns out my specialty is SUP Cross racing. The head to head sprinting and carnage really helps me excel. My biggest results were winning the SUP Cross at the GoPro Mountain games and coming in 4th in the Payette River Games in which many of the top paddlers in the world competed.

In addition, in December 2014 I did a self-supported SUP expedition through the 226 miles of the Grand Canyon and became the first person in recorded history to do so. I did it in 5.5 days. See the link below for the SUPthemag write-up about it.



Spencer Lacy


Profession Paddle Boarder, Adventurer
Spencer is a civil engineering student who spends his summers on the river and winters in the mountains. He specializes in group trips in his adventure school bus.