Brittany Parker

Name: Brittany Parker
Hails From: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Favourite River: The mighty Colorado River
Favorite Level Six Gear: The Poseidon Drysuit itʼs an open boating dry suit, perfect for SUP. It allows me to enjoy the river any time of the year.

Story: The river has been a second home to me for five years now. I became part of the whitewater world when I started working on the Colorado River as a raft guide. Once I discovered stand up paddle boarding guiding was put on the back burner. It seemed as though I found the sport that encompassed all the things I love. I come from an athletic background, primarily board sports (snowboarding, wakeboarding, and skateboarding) and SUP was another thing to add to my board arsenal but soon became my main focus and passion. It gives me freedom and allows me to explore and see the river in a new way, taking me places I would have never dreamed of. Itʼs a sport that is so new and unique, itʼs constantly evolving and Iʼm so excited to be part of it and meet more people that share my passion for the sport. Now, I teach SUP clinics, compete, paddle class III - IV rapids, and surf! Surfing river waves is my favorite, if you havenʼt tried it, you MUST!

Plans for this summer: Getting more people out on the water and spreading the word on SUP river safety. Itʼs important that those who are just getting into the sport have river experience and knowledge as well as, proper gear. Oh, and paddle as much as possible! Everything else is super top secret (stay tuned).

Claim to fame (other than being a Level Six athlete):
- Featured in the Winter Issue of SUP the Mag for an all womenʼs whitewater SUP trip in Idaho.
- Sponsored athlete: Level Six, Badfish Stand Up Paddle, WRSI Helmets, and Alpine Quest Sports.
- Placed in all but one SUP white water competition.
- I smile and laugh A LOT!

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