Name: Ryan Rushton

Hails From: Chicago, IL

Favourite Destinations: Alaska’s Southcentral Coast – Big Surf, Bears, Rocky Beaches, Wilderness, & Whales Island of Anglesey, North Wales -Tide Races & bitters on tap at the Pub

Favourite Level Six Gear: Mack Drytop, Mitts & Knight Shorty (Perfect for warm weather paddles!)

Story: Grew up paddling all sorts of craft – whitewater, open boats, rafts – you name it, I paddled it. Whitewater boating definitely gave me a great foundation for what’s become my paddling love – sea kayaking big surf, big tides and big wilderness.  I love paddling in those places, but also am a teacher at heart.  I get a charge out of working with other paddlers and getting them to a level where they are paddling in the same areas I love.  It’s a challenge balancing work, paddling and my personal life. The support of my lovely wife (and three kids) has allowed me to follow my passion.

Plans for this summer: Leading expeditions and courses in Alaska, Maine, Wales & on Lake Superior

Big Plans: January 2013 Expedition around Cape Horn – Chile (website below)

Places Travelled: Wales, Alaska, Nova Scotia, Maine, Alaska, Baja

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete):Team Paddler for Level 6, Tiderace Kayaks, Astral & Werner Paddles. Owner of Geneva Kayak Center - a paddling school and travel company out of the Chicago area. Youngest North American to be awarded the BCU 5* Sea Award, and to achieve the ACA’s Advanced Open Water Instructor Trainer certification.

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