Name: Heather Herbeck

Hails From: The Columbia River Gorge (the cute little town of BZ Corners, actually)

Favorite River: The classic White Salmon River which is in our front yard

Favorite Level Six Gear: I have two NEW favorite L6 items ~ The Hot Fuzz Women’s top and tights and the Rideau Women’s jacket.

The main reason for falling in love with these items is the versatility.

I wear my hot fuzz for both kayaking and Mt biking on those cooler days.  The top and tights is the perfect ‘non-bulky’ layer to wear under a jacket and shorts.  The warmth, yet sleekness of the hot fuzz makes it the best, most comfortably fitting piece of laying for multi-sport activities in the cold.

Now, the Rideau jacket is just plain sweet and I love it for many of the same reasons as the hot fuzz.  This light weighted jacket is the perfect ‘wind-breaker’ for Mt biking in the cooler temps.  I also wear this jacket to all my land-based training sessions for many of the same reasons ~ no bulk, perfect wind-breaker, breathable.

I love being able to count of Level Six not only for my kayaking, but now also for pretty much however I decide to play that day!

Story: Being active and feeling strong is my life!  Whether it’s paddling whitewater, pushing up hills on my bike or training for my sport . . . I live for that adrenaline and that feeling of accomplishing goals.

2014 is going to be fantabulous ~ hopefully one of my best yet!  Obviously, I’m getting older . . . but my passion for continued improvement and pushing my limits continues and I’m more fired up now then ever.

Slalom racing

This is the first year I will be competitively involved in slalom kayaking.  This summer I will be participating in the PNW slalom circuit that holds races all over the West Coast and up into Canada.  If all goes well, my plan is to compete in World qualifiers in 2015. 

The thing I enjoy most about slalom boating is the intense focus, exclusively on making fast, challenging movements without having to worry about getting beatered in a hole . . . haha!

Whitewater racing

I’m taking it up a notch in the whitewater kayaking, too!  I’m competing in most of the NW creeking races this season, working on improving my race technique and mental focus through class IV/V whitewater. 

My first race this season was the Alseseca River in Mexico, taking 3rd in the women’s long race.  Experiencing this type of racing is enjoyable to me, as I love pushing my body and finding fast lines through challenging rapids.  Can’t wait for more.

First Descents:

For my second season, I will be working directly with this organization as one of the lead counselors in their surfing, kayaking and climbing camps.  I have about 3 camps already set up this summer and am stoked to continue this experience.

Sheer Madness Productions:

With the increase in work with our production company, I will be working closely with Nate as much as I can to help with the business.  I currently play the role as marketing/promotions manager, but hope to work closer with him to improve my work behind the camera and his editing desk.

Fitness and Sports Coaching

With over 15+ years in the fitness industry, I have just recently started my own coaching business in the Columbia River Gorge ~ Fitness and Sport Evolution.  Some of my clientele consist of athletes training for the Whitewater Grand Prix, which is super fun! 

You can find my “fitness for paddlers” articles featured in ‘Rapid Media’ online.

Kayak Instruction:

When I find myself home this summer, I will continue to teach kayaking through the American Canoe Association.  I have collaborated with a retail shop in Portland, OR to lead an exciting course, specifically for women and racing.  The goal of this course is to help encourage the female population of boaters to give racing a try.   Looking forward to sharing more of my passion with developing boaters.


One of the biggest reasons for the change in my summer plans is to bring more PLAY into my life.  Whether it be on the water, on my bike or in my box, my goal for 2013 is to push myself physically and mentally.  It’s been awhile since I’ve “scared” myself.  I recently came across this quote which I feel is appropriate for me right now:

“Courage is important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.”

I want to start strengthening my courage again and continue pushing and progressing in the sports I love.

Flux Women:

One of the projects I have started that I am the most proud of is “Flux”.  This group of women represents pushing limits, healthy living, a variety of sports and a range of ages.

We are women who want to inspire and motivate in positive ways and represent a healthy lifestyle.  We are branching out in 2014 with a small product line, clinics and motivational speaking.  We came out with a 2014 calendar, which was really fun, and includes our most favorite quotes that inspire us to push.

To learn more about us, please visit our website.

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