Name: Joel Kowalski

Hails From: Whitewater Township, Ottawa Valley, Canada

Favourite River: Ottawa, Alseseca, Jalacingo, Mistassibi, Niagara

Favourite Level Six Gear: Reign Top/Bottom Combo

Story: I grew up on the banks of the Ottawa River across from McCoys Chute. My early teenage summers consisted of working at Wilderness Tours (a rafting company on the Ottawa, and also the family business) and kayaking every day. Quickly realizing my passion for whitewater, my dad resurrected the Keener Program so that myself and other kayak-loving teens could develop our skills under the supervision of talented coaches. That first summer of the Keener Program would forever change my vision of what kayaking meant to me. Since then I've competed at many international events, surfed the largest river yet found and established some classic creeks that were previously unexplored. These days I coach for the Keener Program as acting head coach when our incredible regular head coach, stephen wright isn't available. My future kayaking plans include a lot more of the same of what kayaking has been for me since I started; great times on amazing rivers with my friends. My name is Joel — I love kayaking.

Plans for this summer: Whitewater Grand Prix (show me some support at, coaching the Keener Program on the Ottawa River, more kayaking

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): 2005 Jr. North American Champion, 2008 North American Champion, 2009 Level Six Cup Champion, 2009 World Finalist (5th); Producer of Stakeout the movie (; Featured in River Roots' Dream Result, Frontier

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