Louise Urwin

Hails From: Kaituna River - Okere Falls, New ZealandName: Louise (Lu) Urwin

Favourite River:  I really can’t narrow down my favourite river to just one.  For Playboating I love the Ottawa River, for bang for your buck creeking I love the Little White Salmon but it’s really hard not to put my home river the Kaituna up there, with the main section and the lower gorges, it’s stunning, filled with fun rapids and you can walk the shuttle...and it’s hard to stop there for fantastic rivers!


Favourite Level Six Gear: Hot Fuzz thermal top, Ace sprayskirt, Duchess Drytop, Bikini’s.

Story:  I got into kayaking 12 years ago with some friends who asked me if I wanted to come along and try it out.  I was instantly hooked and within a couple of years I went from kayaking every few weeks, to traveling and kayaking every weekend, to moving to the river.  Within another year, I was in the NZ freestyle team and headed to the World Champs in Australia.  As soon as I got a taste for the international community and hearing all the other competitor’s tales, the traveling began.  I packed up my desk, hung up my fancy clothes and put my accounting career on hold to go kayaking.  I said goodbye to my last real winter and ever since have been competing, exploring and playing in my kayak around the world.

Plans for this summer:  Hard to say when summer begins as I’m full swing into NZ summer right now and haven’t had a winter since 2005.  However, the future as I know it currently is; an all female expedition to Brazil to run 1st Descents, NZ Races/Events and paddling, WWGP in Quebec, Quebec creeking and big wave surfing, USA PNW and Little White Salmon race, Ottawa river…..

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete):

I make a meen picnic, in fact I’ve picnicked all over the world.  All I need is a chilly bin, cheese, crackers, other assorted tasty treats, perhaps some sneaky cocktail or mimosa supplies and voila!  See ya at corner wave, the beach, or some other exotic location… oh ya and I’ve got race results, 1st Descents, and media exposure too…

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