Luigi Codinotti

Name: Gigi Codinotti

Hails from: I was Born in Ghedi, a little town in northern Italy. I Currently live in Garda’s Lake.

Favourite rivers: Dinkey creek, Slave river, Futalefù.

Favourite Level Six gear: Barrier Dry Suit.

Favourite Music: Every kind of music that  fits with my mood.

Story: i first started canoeing when I was 21, then I started paddling slalom. 1994 was when I entered competition for the first time.

In 2003 I was named to the national team.

In 2005 I competed in the freestyle world cup in Australia.

Competition aside, my biggest passion is exploring and discovering the world with my kayak.

Plans for 2017

It returns to Africa Kenya for spring

August September INDIA

November NEPAL 

And reserves the PERU '


Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete):

I’ve paddled in so many different places, from Australia, Siberia, Canada, Arizona, California, Santo Domingo, Argentina, Chile, Norwik and everywhere in  Europe and even  running in Canoa competitions. My main goal is  still to maintain myself and my body as fluid  as the water of the river... always new, always fresh, always unattached, without any trace behind me, really following the cosmic order, as mobile as the flow of life. That’s true freedom!

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have a good paddling,

Gigi Codinotti