Thomas Fahrun

Name: Thomas Fahrun

Hails From: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Favourite Rivers: Ottawa(CAN), Alseseca(MEX), Jalacingo(MEX)

Favourite Playspot: High Tension, Gatineau River, Quebec

Favourite Level Six Gear:

Cold Water: Hot Fuzz Unisuit, Emperor Drysuit

Warm Water: Chochee Short Sleeve Dry Top

Off Water: Concept Jacket, Eddy 2 fleece lined pants

Story:  I've had a lifelong passion for water. Learning to swim at 2 in my backyard pool, canoe trips with my family and rafting on the Ottawa River in 2001 at the age of 11. That same year I went rafting my mom brought home 2 kayaks from the outdoor store she was running at the time. I recalled seeing kayakers on the Ottawa River and looked up the Wilderness Tours website to see if they offered lessons. Highlighted on the front page in neon colours it said "First Ever Teen Kayak School!"

The next week at age 12 my dad drove me 6 hours to Wilderness Tours and dropped me off for a week of kayaking. My first day I met two life long friends Joel Kowalski and Nick Troutman. In 2004 we rekindled the Keener program and spent our summers mostly unsupervised living at Mckoys, kayaking everyday. In 2006 after countless hours driving from home to the river I moved in with the Kowalski family to finished high school and be closer to the river.

I've called the Ottawa Valley home ever since and have spent every year in search of new rivers, waves and endless good times. I'm forever grateful for my parents for immersing me in an active lifestyle and letting me move out at 16, the Kowalski family for taking me in and all the people who have helped me or saved my ass along the way!

Plans for this summer:  Teaching the Keener Program on the Ottawa River, kayaking every day, Rage Cage

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): 

2004 - Original Keener 2006 - North American Champion, National Champion, Team Canada  2007 - 2nd Freestyle World Championships. Featured in STAKEOUT! First descents in Canada, Mexico, Quebec. Inventor of Helix/Blunt combo at High Tension (the first one was an accident), 1.5 hour ride on High Tension