Tino Specht

Name: Tino Specht

Hails From: Charlemont, Massachusets USA

Favourite River: Fuy River, Chile

Favourite Level Six Gear: The Barrier Drysuit or any of the throw bags. I also love all the street clothing, oh and the skirts are damn dry.

Story: I started paddling at an awesome paddling school in Western Mass called Zoar Outdoor. After a few years working in their retail shop under the management of some great mentors, I attended New River Academy. This gave me the opportunity to travel and kayak at the same time. After graduating I began coaching for NRA and continued my travels. Now I still coach for them but live half the year in Chile and the other half in Canada on the Ottawa river with some other destinations always in between.

Plans for this summer: I will be coaching at Keeners for Wilderness Tours on the Ottawa River. In my free time you can catch me soul boating on the very same waves or filming for a few upcoming projects.

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete): Getting lost in Montreal every time I go there. Being able to stay up for long drives.

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