Name: Jean-Philippe Paiement

Hails From: Québec city, CAN

Favourite River: I can never turn down a run on the SAP or Taureau in the Quebec area! The Lachines also have a special place in my hart, but again the White Nile too! My recent discovery of the Vera Cruz state in Mexico is also in that list.

Favourite Level Six Gear: Living in Québec city and mostly paddling in the winter’s land, the Emperor dry suit is my prime choice of Level Six paddling gear. I would also had the fuzzy top to that list.

Story: I started paddling and raft guiding over 10 years ago and slowly got better at ripping my boat on the Rouge River. I left the river bumming life some 6 years ago for a sweet 9 to 5 job. Nowadays, I paddle for my own pleasure and try to travel to a few new places every year. I would not qualify myself as the gnarliest paddler out there but I can hold my ground! My focus is now moving to exploration, travels and self-supported expeditions. For me, it’s all about the journey, the images and the friendships.

Plans for this summer: This summer you’ll find me paddling around the creeking mecca of Quebec city working on my fitness and mental toughness! I might also be part of the First Descent Experience at the end of this summer.

Claims to fame (other than being a level six athlete):

First Descents in Nunavik

Filmed / Edited / Produced – plenty of short movies revolving around the local paddling community

All around nice guy!

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