Max Eberl


Hails from: Munich, Germany

Favorite Destination: South East Asia, Sungai Singor

Favorite Level Six Gear: Reign: Long Sleeve Dry Top

Story: Why do we kayakers take those burdens in our sport? For me it is spirit of kayaking - the spirit of friendship, exploration and nature. This drives me to live this sport for more than 15 years now. My father taught me the first paddle strokes on flatwater. Friends took me to French Maritime Alps to challenge my first rapids.  Since that experience I am addicted to whitewater kayaking. Currently I am living near Munich close to the Alps and some of the best creeks here in Europe. However, there is also a plan to start sea kayaking someday and fulfill my  dream  to paddle the Norwegian Lofoten.

Plans for the season 2013: After having a good time in Malaysia in 2012 my plan is to extend exploring South East Asia. So far there is Thailand and Indonesia on the list for this season.

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