C1 Long Sleeve Nylon Combi Top - XL *USED*

*Good condition with a few dirt stains/smudges*
All Used/Demo Items are final sale.

***Actual picture of item not shown. Used/Demo product conditions vary.

Built for cold water paddling, our nylon tops are designed to keep water out through the various contortions your body finds itself in while racing and training. It offers a waterproof shell that can be worn over various under-layering options. The top portion is constructed from our extremely lightweight eXhaust 2.5 ply waterproof breathable nylon/rip-stop fabric in a cut that offers a non-restrictive fit. It also features neoprene gaskets with smooth skin binding tape for an increased seal. The tunnel employs our ultra stretch neoprene, allowing for the removal of 4” of material reducing weight and bulk. The deck is practically bomb proof, made from 2mm abrasion resistant diamond grid neoprene with a secure bungee rand.