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Our Canadian Roots

Canadian National team paddler Stig Larsson and Canadian Olympic paddler Tyler Lawlor were tired of wearing mediocre gear with outdated styles. They wanted their own style and personality represented in the form of their own paddling gear and apparel so they started a company in 1997 that did just that. Since then, Level Six has been setting trends on the water and pushing the boundaries of quality and fashion within the paddling community. Stig and Tyler know what paddlers need and want and they continuously provide them, year after year, with their fix. Whether you are a hard-core, whitewater guru or a sun-soaking, beach bum, Level Six has what you need to get the most out of your time on and off the water.


Experiencing more First Descents

September 10, 2014

I have done more kayaking for myself this summer than I have in the last 8 years.  I have ran waterfalls, boofed hundreds of drops, stuck challenging lines and 'ran the gnar', feeling stronger than ever.  And, as much excitement as all that arouses and as many "likes" as that gets on facebook, there is one thing that sticks out that surpasses all that personal attention . . . and, that is being a part in others' "First Descents".

The month of August consisted of me driving to Montana to lead my first "First Descents" camp of the summer; then, off to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Show; followed closely by two weeks in Southern Oregon on the Rogue River for more "First Descents".  I never thought I'd be on the 'back end' of that busy August, but now that I am and have time to reflect, it consisted of the most amazing events of my summer.

Lodge on the Rogue River

It's difficult to sum up my FD experience this season, as each camp was unique in its' own way.  Words cannot even describe what goes on in the 5 days of an FD week.  We share laughter, tears, fears, love, meals, "love" notes, silly "awards" and so much more.  So instead, I'm just sharing with you a few photos.

If you would like to read a more personal write-up about this experience, please visit this website.  (plus there are more photos)

As I've said in the past, "you walk in as strangers and leave as family". 
"Lox" and I getting ready to make some money for FD ~ who do you think won?  Beach day and Rugby  FD family jam in Montana
Chilling in our evening "family circles"  Gearing up for a day on the river  6:00 a.m. surf session


Mrs R (me) and Mrs. Kemp (both nicknames)  Helping Lilo with edging  Sundance Kayak School ROCKS!

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2014 European Championships

September 09, 2014

From the 27th to the 30th of August, the European Championships took place in Cunovo, Slovakia. Best of European athletes stood there, ready to smell blood.

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Sungai Singor: A hidden gem in the Malaysian jungle

September 05, 2014

Where is MalaysiaOn our first trip to Malaysia back in 2012 we missed one river, the Sungai Singor. The last known full descent of this gem was done by the Tribe crew around Pat Camblin, Ben Marr and Andrew Pollock in 2009. They thought they ran the Sungai Mangga, which is just one of tributaries of the Singor. So we weren't sure what to expect when we started our trip, the shots of the Tribe crew looked like some substantial big water class IV-V in an absolutely remote area. So what if this really was just the tributary?

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spring 2014 destination pyrenees, between Spain and France.

September 03, 2014

It’s time to try the new canoe! we decide to go in the pyrenees, we start with the California stuffed with food and 





our first stop’s the french part of  the pyrenees, we don’t find so much water in rivers, but the landscapes are incredible and there’s wild nature everywhere.




During the trip we meet the second group of paddlers, some our close friends from past adventures, and we decide together to go North, Spain is waiting for us.




the pyrenees, wild landscapes, crystal water, we just been there and we’re already thinking about a second come……



have a good paddling Gigi :-)

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South Africa, the country with the rainbow flag.

August 22, 2014




You have never enough, let’s go to south africa! we already decided the journey, map in hand, we arrive in johannesburg and we rent a toyota, first stop Paris.

The first leg is in the center of the rafting center of Corran Addison’s father, we’ll find there our canoes  that we’ve rented online, when we were in italy.

We did not even familiarize with the surroundings, and we were already sailing in river’s waters, just a couple of hours after our landing in south africa…..The wiew is wonderful and we end the day with the first south african sunset! 



I just let you imagine the beauty of South Africa’s rivers, and i’ll update you about the great time i had in this wonderful country!  

Have good paddling Gigi :-)


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August 09, 2014

I love so much this short sleeve jacket,  which means hot water and summer! 
This january i’ve been in south africa and i had the chance to wear for more than 21 days this short sleeve jacket, and for my journey i’ve chosen Level Six! 
A good choice! the model is the knight version, a wonderful jacket with nice details, the electro-welded sewings are very good and keeps the water outside, the textile is very resistant over usage.
The jacket features a double tunnel that makes difficult for the water to fill inside, and it also has the dcd (dual cinch system) that allows you to tighten the neoprene skirt.
I appreciated the chest zip pocket in the anterior part, that is very spacious.

In my opinion is a good model of short sleeve jacket, at the same level of the competitors, definitely one of the best.



see you the next time. have a good paddling :-) 


Gigi Codinotti 

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World Cup 2014 Freestyle

August 04, 2014

This year, the World cup of kayak freestyle was in Europe from the 26th of June to the 13th of July. The clash began in Millau, France, during the Natural Games, an extreme sports festival bringing together sport contests and fancy concerts every night! A lot had been planned during those four festive days in Millau: contests, BMX exhibitions, freestyle and extreme Slackline, rock and cliffs climbing, paragliding and last but not least, kayak freestyle! Most of the activities and concerts occurred around the “maladrerie”, the kayak pond, for the greatest pleasure of the kayakers and the spectators. Everyone enjoyed the freshness of the Tarn River. For the first time, the Natural Games received the world cup of kayak freestyle and it was a complete success!


The worldwide best champions were at the Natural Games: the Americans, the Spaniard, the Japanese, the French, the Poles, the Koreans, the English, the Germans and the Czechs… In a boisterous atmosphere we played the finals in front of… a French audience!

The junior ladies opened the ball at 2 pm on Saturday. A little French girl named Guénolé Bourgoin was competing! Loop, 360, space Godzilla…It was a very pretty final during which the Spaniard, Nuria Fontane-Maso, (ranked 2nd during the last worldwide championships in 2013) eventually got a leg up on the American, Rowan Stuart, (the first of 2013 worldwide championship). The English, Emma Winterford, succeeded to grab thebronze medal in front our little French kayaker. She was nevertheless glad of her first international contest!

The ladies make room to the junior men! Fabien Lanao and Thomas Richard (vice worldwide champion in 2013) for France were in competition for the podium! They blasted the scores, coming close with those of the best seniors! Eventually, the Swedish karlson won the gold medal right before Thomas and Fabien. In canoe Sebastien Devred take the second place after Tad and before Jordan.


The atmosphere of the senior finals, at 19h30 was electric! Pressure was at its most when I throw myself into my first final run! When I came close to the wave, the French tribe catch fire. The roar of the drums was deafening…I rushed forward… The battle and suspense lasted until the very last minute. Eventually, the Japanese Hitomi Takaku (vice worldwide champion in 2013) took the first place. We draw in second place with the American Emily Jackson (worldwide champion in 2009). In this case, the second best run decides between both kayakers and ranks me third.


 Men definitively set the Maladrerie pond on fire with magical runs! We witness a great battle of Mc Nasty, Phoenix Monkey, Triky Wu and we were pined down! Bull’s eye for the French team since Sébastien Devred took the first place before the American Dane Jackson, worldwide champion in 2013. Mathieu Dumoulin got the bronze medal!


Finals in video here :  

On Saturday night, a tempest gave the organizers hard times. The spot have been cleared out under heavy rains and howling winds… Nothing to harsh to demoralize a hundred of freestylers overexcited to celebrate these first medals! Eventually a third final take place at the Golf bar restaurant of Millau. The atmosphere was as warmed as the pond’s banks. We finished this first world cup round arm-in-arm, (due to an arm wrestling contest J) between the Americans, the Poles, the French and the Spaniards at 5 a.m., at least for the less courageous.

On Sunday morning, well, more noon, the French team took the road to Salt, in Spain, for the second part of the World cup. We discover a technical roll lost in the middle of the Catalan fields! After four days of practice, the contest could begin with a fancy worldwide opening ceremony: speeches, official pictures, videos and modern ballet choreography on the theme of kayak freestyle. A parade on Salt’s streets mixing batoucada and pyrotechnic show led all the competitors to the sports center. There, a huge meal thrilled the whole community! 


Qualifying rounds, quarter final, semi-final…runs came on and on. Competitors gave the best of themselves every day to reach the Saturday final step! The finals were as highly-charged as in France! The roll allowed to manage many types of figures and scores reached the top! Judges are in at 200% and succeed to grade despite the Spaniards’ “caliente” runs, the French’s huge figures and the Americans’ combo!


For the junior ladies, Nurià Fontane-Maso, originating from Spain took the first place. For the junior men, Karlson took the gold and Thomas Richard the silver medal! In canoe discipline, Dane Jackson established himself before Pat Dénis and Jordan Poffenberger. As far as senior ladies are concerned, Emily Jackson took the gold right under Hitomi’s nose and I took the bronze medal! As far as men are concerned, Dane Jackson wins the round before Mathieu Dumoulin and Quim Fontane Maso.


Finals in video here :


 It must be said that pro freestyle, is also a great international bunch of friends! No way to miss an occasion to celebrate those new medals! We all met in our Spanish hostel (an accommodation supplied by the organization for all of the competitors) for a giant “fiesta” which ended on the dance-floor in the city center of Grirone.

To end this world cup on a higher note, athletes take the road again, direction Sort, still in Catluna! Goodbye to the fields and the nice roll of Salt, hello to the “Pallaressa” river. The roll, located in the heart of downtown, offers a perfect show for every Spanish! Kayakers fought against a high-powered roll and the paddles broke for some of us. One must have guts and self-control to master this Spanish body of water! After a tug of war, several French got their tickets for the finals. Junior men and ladies put on the day show with a first place for Rowan and a golden medal for the Swedish Karlson. For the canoe, it’s an American podium with Dane, Jordan and Pat!


It was not until 9:30 p.m. that we’ve been allowed to put the kayaks on the water for the senior final! At nightfall, under the spotlights and in front of more than 400 spectators, we rushed forward in the arena! Giant screens, four speakers who were warming the place, interviews and direct broadcast, the organizers had really put on a great spread!

Athletes gave everything they had to get a medal…Bleachers shook and athletes thrilled under the supports of over-excited spectators. After an amazing show and a total harmony with the public, the wave and the athletes, results fell. I finished second of this last round right after Hitomi Takaky (Japan). Emily Jackson (USA) finished at third place. Mathieu Dumoulin also won the silver medal right below the American Dane Jackson and before Nick Troutman (Canada).

At the open category, I am ranked at the third place of this world cup 2014. The French team counted 12 athletes for this world cup. We are proud of our results since no less than 7 Frenchies reached the final at each round. Knowing that a final is reserved for the 5 best worldwide. They succeeded in every discipline: canoe, kayak, junior and senior.

This world cup was by far the best one for me. Just as much for the medals as for the atmosphere and the team spirit of our great French team! I wanted to say a great thank you to all members of the team and to all the fans on the spot or in front of their screens! “Big up” to you, competitors, organizers and judges who made that world cup outstanding!



Thank's Constance and Maxime for your help! ;)

Photo : tous droits réservés Gilles Reboisson




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We're Hiring! Position: Warehouse Inventory Manager

July 29, 2014

New position available

Position: Warehouse Inventory Manager

Level Six is an Ottawa based designer and supplier of quality casual outdoor clothing and technical paddling gear. We are currently offering part or full time position for Warehouse Manager. 

The position also allows for opportunity for advancement.

Starting date: Immediate


Shipping and Receiving Orders

Warehouse organization

Inventory management

Potential for customer service, sales, and events



Experience in the Outdoor Retail or Vendor industry. 

Skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Outlook. Familiarity with Quick Books an asset.

The ability to work in a goal oriented team environment. 

Excellent communication and organizational skills as well as a “can do” attitude. 

The ability to work proactively to anticipate problems and work within a flexible series of guidelines.

Detail oriented knowledge of outdoor clothing and gear.

Written and Spoken French would be considered an asset.


Contact Information.

- All applications will be treated in a confidential manner. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. 

Salary to be determined based on experience and qualifications.

Send a current resume and letter of introduction to Tyler Lawlor:  HYPERLINK ""  or by mail to our offices, care of Tyler Lawlor.

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before boarding height Chiese upper 2000 meters of the river that excitement home!

July 29, 2014

....Excuse me please tell me for refuge might Val di Fumo?????Thank you



coming soon the video,

have a good paddling,


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How did she go at the Payette River Games?

July 11, 2014

Just days after the North Fork Championships, Cascade Idaho hosted the second annual Payette River Games. These games have almost doubled in competitors since last year. It not only attracts some of the best whitewater kayakers in the world but also the best stand up paddle boarders. With $105,000 on the line, it was not a competition I wanted to miss!

Signing up for Boater X, Freestyle and 8 Ball- I was sure to make gains at the end of the competition... right?

It was an 11 hour drive for me to make with everything shoved into the back of my car and my boats loaded on top- as kayakers do. Once I got there I instantly met a few friends that I paddle with (Rush, Lou, Martina, Aniol), I don't know, you probably don't know them. Anyway, it was unlike any other whitewater competition I have been to- no one took me up on the offer of a beer... WHAT? That is when you know the competition is on!

The next day I thought maybe I should look at the course- maybe it is gnarlier than I think. So walking up and down a 1.5 km whitewater park thinking I was missing something, I didn't see anything that was very intimidating... rephrase, nothing that was scarier than a typical barn cat (pretty cute but may have ill intentions). After sussing it out I decided to go for a freestyle session. 

Well, the hole wathunked me my first time on- so having bruised my pride I went down to the smaller hole. I was paddling with a couple young lads between 8-10years. After that my pride sky rocketed again- I was kicking their butts! haha, 'I know guys, they were only 8 years old...' 

Moving along, we got right into the 8 ball races. This is one that I thought, you know I think I might do well in this race. I am not a favourite and I am fast! What I didn't factor in was who the 8 Balls were... Lorenzo, Tino, Pedro- the Chilean army who love picking on anyone they knew- so of course I got broadsided by two of the three and dispite my second standing initially I ended up dead last. I am not even sure if I crossed the finish line! 8 Ball- OUT

Freestyle competition has never been a strong suit of mine, especially competing on the Ottawa against the best of the best. Competing against three past world champions and one lady still holding the title I wasn't sure if I would make top 10. So I needed to do something I have never done before... No! not flash the judges- I would bust out the only entry move I knew, THE WINGOVER! I did it, I nailed it and I was ready to exit stage left right after that single move, but I held on and did a couple more moves (cartwheel, blunt, roundhouse, spin). That single ride got me into 13th place, which I was stoked about but again, in summary- Freestyle- OUT

Finally we have Boater X. The competition I thought I was going to clean up! I had been practicing in NZ, my confidence was high and I just really wanted any bit of that purse! Luckily my trial time was fairly good so I was able to pick my seat on the ramp most times. This was good because not only was I in a good starting position but I was also usually the fastest in the heat.

So for gate 1 and 2 I was in the clear, I was thinking 'OMG this competition is mine!' UNTIL... that stupid ferry move above the hole! For Cryin' Out Loud I wanted to punch that hole in the baby maker! I spent more time in that hole you would think it was supposed to be part of the race. Unfortunately, it wasn't...

So again to summarize- boater X- out.

So you ask, 'Did Brenna ever make any gains?' Well, if you include the competitors bag, free meals, amazing weather, a sweet hat from an unofficial dance competition and some cool new friends (no those last two don't necessarily go together), then YES! It is definitely a competition that I will go back for. Aside from the world class prizes, there is lots to gain from attending this event. Next year I hope that hole picks on someone else!

See you then!


Photography Credit: Chris Gragtmans

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The river that we should not pronounce the name

July 03, 2014


The Cassan river is a real gem !

The Cassan is steep, remote and the one hour hike to put in makes it a real creeking mission. As soon as you get into this non-stop class V section you imediatly forget about the hike. The incalculable number of rapids and the quality of the whitewater in this river makes it one of the best creeks on the east coast.

I would like to tell you where it is, but I can't.

I would like to tell you the real name of this river but I can't.

The problem is that this river is located on private lands. In Quebec rivers are public. Anyone can paddle anywhere, but still you need to be able to get to the river and that's the real problem. In many cases there is a public acces or people are gentle enough to let us go on their lands, but the idea of property as it is in North America is a huge problem to access the rivers.


For the cassan, owners are adamant, they want to keep their little pièce of paradise for themselves and for the wood industry. Many generations of kayakers have tried to get a legal acces to this river without succes.

This article is to share images of this inaccessible river, but it's also a reminder that rivers acces are a non stop fight anywhere and I want to salute the groups working for kayakers like American Whitewater in the US. I wish one day there will be a Canadian Whitewater.

Enjoy those beautiful images.

Thanks again to Dylan Page for the awesome photos, to Emrick Blanchette for the awesome edit and thanks to Level Six that made all my spring missions easier with quality gear as the hot fuzz unisuit and the emperor Drysuit !



boofing PARADISE !


Creeking is always a serious thing...


Charles Arsenault in The ''resoudage''


Small drop.


Epic shot of the ''chute en L''



Cassan River from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.


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Taureau Season

July 02, 2014

 So, this spring has been pretty hectic again. After recovering for a surgery, again, I set out to get back in shape. Between normal life, the stage 6 WWGP organization and unstable water levels, I paddled as often as possible in order to be back in the game! Everything went smoothly and I was able to return to my ultimate whitewater test: the Taureau section.

 This once mythical section of the Jacques-Cartier River has seen more and more people paddling it every year. The "new schoolers" are able to better manage the rapids and 1000000 boofs on this amazing piece of whitewater. Beware, it remains a long day on the water with most likely overnight consequences if something does go wrong. The steep whitewater and tight valley puts this section of whitewater on the top of my river list and it should be on your too!


Here a little POV of the major rapids:



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