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Our Canadian Roots

Canadian National team paddler Stig Larsson and Canadian Olympic paddler Tyler Lawlor were tired of wearing mediocre gear with outdated styles. They wanted their own style and personality represented in the form of their own paddling gear and apparel so they started a company in 1997 that did just that. Since then, Level Six has been setting trends on the water and pushing the boundaries of quality and fashion within the paddling community. Stig and Tyler know what paddlers need and want and they continuously provide them, year after year, with their fix. Whether you are a hard-core, whitewater guru or a sun-soaking, beach bum, Level Six has what you need to get the most out of your time on and off the water.


How did she go at the Payette River Games?

July 11, 2014

Just days after the North Fork Championships, Cascade Idaho hosted the second annual Payette River Games. These games have almost doubled in competitors since last year. It not only attracts some of the best whitewater kayakers in the world but also the best stand up paddle boarders. With $105,000 on the line, it was not a competition I wanted to miss!

Signing up for Boater X, Freestyle and 8 Ball- I was sure to make gains at the end of the competition... right?

It was an 11 hour drive for me to make with everything shoved into the back of my car and my boats loaded on top- as kayakers do. Once I got there I instantly met a few friends that I paddle with (Rush, Lou, Martina, Aniol), I don't know, you probably don't know them. Anyway, it was unlike any other whitewater competition I have been to- no one took me up on the offer of a beer... WHAT? That is when you know the competition is on!

The next day I thought maybe I should look at the course- maybe it is gnarlier than I think. So walking up and down a 1.5 km whitewater park thinking I was missing something, I didn't see anything that was very intimidating... rephrase, nothing that was scarier than a typical barn cat (pretty cute but may have ill intentions). After sussing it out I decided to go for a freestyle session. 

Well, the hole wathunked me my first time on- so having bruised my pride I went down to the smaller hole. I was paddling with a couple young lads between 8-10years. After that my pride sky rocketed again- I was kicking their butts! haha, 'I know guys, they were only 8 years old...' 

Moving along, we got right into the 8 ball races. This is one that I thought, you know I think I might do well in this race. I am not a favourite and I am fast! What I didn't factor in was who the 8 Balls were... Lorenzo, Tino, Pedro- the Chilean army who love picking on anyone they knew- so of course I got broadsided by two of the three and dispite my second standing initially I ended up dead last. I am not even sure if I crossed the finish line! 8 Ball- OUT

Freestyle competition has never been a strong suit of mine, especially competing on the Ottawa against the best of the best. Competing against three past world champions and one lady still holding the title I wasn't sure if I would make top 10. So I needed to do something I have never done before... No! not flash the judges- I would bust out the only entry move I knew, THE WINGOVER! I did it, I nailed it and I was ready to exit stage left right after that single move, but I held on and did a couple more moves (cartwheel, blunt, roundhouse, spin). That single ride got me into 13th place, which I was stoked about but again, in summary- Freestyle- OUT

Finally we have Boater X. The competition I thought I was going to clean up! I had been practicing in NZ, my confidence was high and I just really wanted any bit of that purse! Luckily my trial time was fairly good so I was able to pick my seat on the ramp most times. This was good because not only was I in a good starting position but I was also usually the fastest in the heat.

So for gate 1 and 2 I was in the clear, I was thinking 'OMG this competition is mine!' UNTIL... that stupid ferry move above the hole! For Cryin' Out Loud I wanted to punch that hole in the baby maker! I spent more time in that hole you would think it was supposed to be part of the race. Unfortunately, it wasn't...

So again to summarize- boater X- out.

So you ask, 'Did Brenna ever make any gains?' Well, if you include the competitors bag, free meals, amazing weather, a sweet hat from an unofficial dance competition and some cool new friends (no those last two don't necessarily go together), then YES! It is definitely a competition that I will go back for. Aside from the world class prizes, there is lots to gain from attending this event. Next year I hope that hole picks on someone else!

See you then!


Photography Credit: Chris Gragtmans

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The river that we should not pronounce the name

July 03, 2014


The Cassan river is a real gem !

The Cassan is steep, remote and the one hour hike to put in makes it a real creeking mission. As soon as you get into this non-stop class V section you imediatly forget about the hike. The incalculable number of rapids and the quality of the whitewater in this river makes it one of the best creeks on the east coast.

I would like to tell you where it is, but I can't.

I would like to tell you the real name of this river but I can't.

The problem is that this river is located on private lands. In Quebec rivers are public. Anyone can paddle anywhere, but still you need to be able to get to the river and that's the real problem. In many cases there is a public acces or people are gentle enough to let us go on their lands, but the idea of property as it is in North America is a huge problem to access the rivers.


For the cassan, owners are adamant, they want to keep their little pièce of paradise for themselves and for the wood industry. Many generations of kayakers have tried to get a legal acces to this river without succes.

This article is to share images of this inaccessible river, but it's also a reminder that rivers acces are a non stop fight anywhere and I want to salute the groups working for kayakers like American Whitewater in the US. I wish one day there will be a Canadian Whitewater.

Enjoy those beautiful images.

Thanks again to Dylan Page for the awesome photos, to Emrick Blanchette for the awesome edit and thanks to Level Six that made all my spring missions easier with quality gear as the hot fuzz unisuit and the emperor Drysuit !



boofing PARADISE !


Creeking is always a serious thing...


Charles Arsenault in The ''resoudage''


Small drop.


Epic shot of the ''chute en L''



Cassan River from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.


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Taureau Season

July 02, 2014

 So, this spring has been pretty hectic again. After recovering for a surgery, again, I set out to get back in shape. Between normal life, the stage 6 WWGP organization and unstable water levels, I paddled as often as possible in order to be back in the game! Everything went smoothly and I was able to return to my ultimate whitewater test: the Taureau section.

 This once mythical section of the Jacques-Cartier River has seen more and more people paddling it every year. The "new schoolers" are able to better manage the rapids and 1000000 boofs on this amazing piece of whitewater. Beware, it remains a long day on the water with most likely overnight consequences if something does go wrong. The steep whitewater and tight valley puts this section of whitewater on the top of my river list and it should be on your too!


Here a little POV of the major rapids:



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Colorado trip

June 23, 2014

Last year, after the world freestyle championships and our trip through North Carolina, I felt that something was undone. United-States are so huge and American people so cool that my boyfriend Luc and I decided to do it again! But no just for a freestyle competition, NO! A road trip through Colorado to discover far more on this country and ourselves!


Step 1 : Buena Vista

After a 20 hours trip, we take the road from Denver in our Dodge Grand Caravan direction Buena Vista. It’s tough to adapt to those big American cars all automatic! After few minutes driving we begin to chill out when we saw a strange shape on the side of the road. Surprised, we slow down and here, at the glance of the front beam we saw around ten pair of eyes shining! Around thirty stags were enjoying the calm of the night to come close to the road! Stunning creatures, never seen something that massive! Once we regained our composure, we arrive at 5a.m. in the little city of Buena-Vista. There, we discover a haven of peace where life is good. We take our quarters in the Surf Chateau. Here, beautiful rooms are waiting for us. There are standing straight by the water, built and imagined by Mathieu Dumoulin’s friends, Jed and Kennley Selby. I recommend you this place, welcoming and roomy. Attracted by this soothing atmosphere and the kindness of the inhabitants we stay 5 days in Buena Vista. We take advantage of the Arkansas River to perfect our wave and roll freestyle moves. Later, we fly by upstream on the river to try out the “numbers”, ranked IV, in creekboat! The paradise!

Given the fact that the qualifiers were the Friday for the girls, I couldn’t realized the pro race but Luc Goujon is ranked 2nd for the experts and Mathieu Dumoulin 2nd for the pro.

Thanks to Jed and Kennley, Dustin and Katie Urban for this unforgettable stay!



 Step 2 : Glenwood

« You can’t come to Colorado without surfing the Glenwood wave ! », the Demshitz (team Pyranah) told us, during a crazy party night. Without thinking twice, here we are travelling to northern Colorado on the road 82, to reach Glenwood. One the way, we went by Aspen where the rocky landscapes disappear little by little under the snow! Splendid! The Demshitz didn’t lie, it’s an incredible wave! Wide and fast, the stream allowed us to link easily blunt, back blunt, donkey flip and helix in an off-putting way for the most skillful of the kayakists! In Glenwood, the time stops…We string together surfing and figures with Eric, Emily, Dane Jackson or Courtney! The night is going to fall, we have been sailing for six hours and we don’t know yet where we are going to sleep. The night before, due to a lack of information we took up residence on a Walmart parking lot (a supermarket where camping-cars are allowed) but for this night, we have a better plan ;). We are sleeping above the mountain that overlooks the wave. We camp in the wild, under the stars. We are lucky to have an absolute breathtaking view on the Colorado valley! Quite a big moment.


 Step 3 : Steamboat

Both competitions are standing this week-end, Lyons and Steamboat. After a little consultation between the Frenchitz (little nickname given by team Pyranha, the Demshitz) we decide to take it easy at Steamboat!

We arrive in Steamboat. No need to look very much for the freestyle spot. Without lying, you just have to go where it smells the rotten-egg. To find the wave, here, “the nose-know”. Indeed, the Yampa river is flowing through a sulfur stone. At the edge of the wave many yellow springs can be observed that are joining the main river. We had begun our practice on a powerful roller. After few pretty runs we start to share a conversation with an audience member who was standing near the water. The likable and sweet Holly tells us that her husband, Bryan, is also kayaking and that he is French! We got on well very easily and we meet together in Bryan and Holly’s livingroom around a beer, waiting for the barbecue to reach the perfect heat! The next morning we go to spot the river competition on homestake creek. The water is high and the passage that is usually ranked IV appears to be more difficult. We had the chance to appreciate a great show by Dave Fusili who won the race for the men and Martina Wegman for the ladies. The next morning we keep going on freestyle competition. The organization is for the least relaxed: 3 run for one paddler. Judges take the risk into account as much as the style. There are a lot of people on board. Spectators are waiting for the show between hotdogs and beers! Here I am on the wave, doing blunt, back blunt, loop and air guitare (as far as style is concerned!). This run allows me to won the race before Martina Wegman, ranked 2nd and Eva Luna, ranked 3rd. A big moment of sharing and giggles when Eva lost her paddle during her run. We had to get it back together, she, hanged to my boat and I paddling to try to join the riverside 150 m downstream the wave! Speaking for the boys, Bren Orton did the show and is ranked first before Mathieu Dumoulin.


Once the competition over, we hear hysterical screams and we see people running on the waterside. We believed in some young people on swimsuit, riding some rubber ring, so we came closer, laughing….The young man was shaggy…it was a huge bear that was crossing the river by swimming just on top of the freestyle spot! Unbelievable, hideous, he emerged on the opposite waterside and took long strides, climbing the mountain that was in front of us. We were speechless!


The evening went as the day begun: with good madness! Everyone went to the Steamboat’s bar where we wriggled our hips on American hellish rhythms with our new friends. The next morning, the bodies a

ching by sailing, dancing and partying, we went with both of our friends, Bryan and Holly to the hotsprings of Steamboat. These hot springs are standing in the middle of a pine tree and birch forest. Those pools are more than 30°C hot, we couldn’t dream better! A great thanks to Bryan, Holly and Eva Luna who made this step quite unforgettable!!

Step 4 : Go Pro Mountain Games at Vail

Light-hearted, we take the road 70 south to the ski resort of Vail. Here, one of the biggest sport event of Colorado is waiting for us. It’s quite a major step, internationally renowned: the Go Pro Mountain Games. The worldwide best paddlers of each discipline: climbing, freestyle kayak, slackline, stand up, creek boat are there. There is no way to play it cool because on top of the renown, the victory can bring 2000$! The atmosphere was more hard-working in Vail and we warmed up on a powerful roller, totally artificial. By the way, it is Clay Write who had succeeded, despite the changeable water level, to create a real roller, thanks to the tuning of air draft stoppers that were placed on the bottom of the river (this device cost more than 800 000 euros).

The creek boat competition stands every year in homestake creek, a strong river ranked level V, in which slides on rocks and technical falls keep coming. This river instinctively delighted me. So, I went into it ! Sage, a young American girl proposes me her Jackson Karma S…My heart beating, I get onboard in this unknown boat on this unknown river that I’ve only spotted from the side. Luckily, Mathieu shows me the path to follow…The river becomes narrower and the stream faster…Weepy fall, crossing the vicious rocky slide, done, 1rst fall, done, 2nd fall, done! My arms are hurting! Keep going on three last falls, YES!!! I did it !! Adrenaline and great feelings! ;)


Vail Go Pro USA from Marlène Devillez on Vimeo.

 After that, one feels unbeatable, and a little freestyle competition cannot stress me as much as this! Well, in fact, yes! That was without counting the hundreds of spectators who came and stack together as bees around a honey pot! We were some wild beats released in an arena! For who was the victory for? For each huge loop, each huge mac nasty the crowd shouted in a single voice! I’ve never felt an atmosphere as electric as that! Loop, Space Godzilla, mac nasty, combos…each athlete had his technique, his style…Eventually Dane Jackson won the race before Dustin Urban. For the ladies, I finish in second position after Claire O’Hara (the worldwide champion)!

 Step 5 : Arches parks

After 2 weeks of intensive kayak we needed to take a break and see other things! We have pushed the road far West on the road 70 to the Utah! The snow-covered peaks of Vail gave the way to an arid landscape and ochre canyons that were breathtaking! This detour to Moab, Arches Parks and Dead horse point has shown us at which point we were small things. These monumental rocks shaped by water, wind and frost/thaw for thousands years made us dreamy! We took an eyeful! I let you judge with those few pictures! And since from the beginning of our trip we had some incidents with the local fauna, we met among other at Arches desert lizards and squirrels! That was great, but the sound of a rattlesnake through the rocks beyond our feet during a little walking, froze us with fear!
















Step 6 : FIBark at Salida

To finish our road trip in Colorado, we went to Salida where the Fibark event, created in 1984, takes place! We rejoined whit our kayakist friend met along our competitions in a city full of coulor and charm. The walls of the houses and the stores covered by old advertising clash with the funfair, carousel and the ice-cream stands that were set for the event. We enjoyed these last couple of days to deeply sail on an rolling-wave slow and easy. On Friday night, a country folk music band concert led by the infamous stringdusters, transported us in another time. On the lawn of the park, one could see American hippie-cowboys wiggle frenziedly on wild rhythms under curls of smoke just as proper to this city. Easily projected in this atmosphere, we’ve been overjoyed until late in the evening before we joined our wild camp located 4 miles away from the city, along the railway.


The final on Saturday was epic! Slalom race in the morning with a wide public pleased to see it, then the final of freestyle expert (unprofessional group). Luc did a pretty run and is ranked 3rd! Before the pro final we witness, amuse, the hooligans race. It is a race of unusual boats realized by competitors! Pirate boat, flowing boxing ring or soccer field, improvised rafts…A great show and an easy-going atmosphere attracted a lot of people on the riverbank. The pro finals could begin! As far as the ladies are concerned, I managed to link a loop, space Godzilla, back blunt on both sides, blunt and Felix (Yes, I did it!!!!). With an average of 380 points, I won the Fibark competition before Nathalie and Brooke, both American! For the men, the battle was also hard and eventually it’s Dustin Urban who won with 680 points before Mathieu Dumoulin and Bren Orton!



Step 7 : Back to Paris

Today, after a Denver-Washington 5 hour flight, 12 hours of call, a Washington-Boston-Geneva 10 hour flight (one emergency stop for a sick passenger) and a trip of 5 hours of train to link Geneva to Paris, I look through the window of my office thinking to the chance I had to live this amazing trip! I am already dreaming to the next one: worldwide cup in Europe from the end of June to mid-July in France and Spain!


I also wanted to thank STACCATO, LEVEL-SIX, BURGEAP, the Conseil Général de Haute-Saône and Sport Ambition 70 who had always supported me and allow me to pursuit my dreams.


Thank you Constance and Maxime for your help!

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Pizza, Spaghetti and Vino Rosso. Ayasse-Italy

June 23, 2014

In the last two months, I visited Italy, Slovenia an Switzerland for running some of the best creeks in central Europe.

One of it is called Ayasse in Aosta Valley, next to the French and Swiss boarder. It's one of my favorite rivers in Italy.
Here is a small edit of the upper and lower Ayasse. Enjoy!


Pizza, Spaghetti and Vino Rosso. Ayasse-Italy from nils dippon on Vimeo.

Italy. (pictures by Ameli Lehner and Jonas Gruenewald)

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Neilson Race 2014 Recap !

June 13, 2014

After the  successfull  first edition of the Neilson Race in may 2013, Charles Arsenault, Billy Thibault and Emrick Blanchette, main organisers of the Race in 2013, decided to backslide in 2014. This year the event was plan for may 17th, a week earlier than the year before, just to make sure we got a massive water level.


So during the week before the race, we took the Quebec Connection mobile and headed to Saint-Raymond and park the camper at the Take out. The camper would be our base camp for the next few days. During these days we did a few laps of the Upper and lower sections of the Neilson at super high flow and we organised a few things for the race. During these days the level was at 8 on the gauge and after 8 there's no more gage (just to give you an idea). 8 is a super high flow, but everything is super good to go, so we were set for a big race. Watching the rain forecast my friend Charles Arsenault was wondering what was going to happen if the level gets too high... Most of us were laughing at him because according to most of us, before that day, the Neilson can't be too high. The higher it is the better it is right ? 


The night before the race it was raining suuuuper hard. I was sleeping in my car and I opened my door a few times just to make sure my car was not in the water and I started to realized that maybe the Neilson was going to be too high in the morning... Maybe Charles's concerns had their place...


As soon as we woke up, we all ran to the gage to realize that the gage was 3 feets underwater... So the next step was to go to the Big Eyes rapid, which was supposed to be the first rapid of the race, to see how it looks like. The rapid was MASSIVE and the line was super tight. According to most of us it was maybe runnable with a super good safety set up, but racing it would make the Neilson Race the biggest, hardest and most full on kayaking race on the planet. So we all agreed that our safety set up wasn't good enough for that and not enough people wanted to race it anyway. So we had to find a plan B...


We took the decision to race the paddle out of the Lower Neilson. Our class V race became a big water class III-IV race. The race became accessible to more people, which is a good thing ! Me and Emrick quickly drove to the town to make the call on the social medias. No it was not a class V race, but it was still super fun and we have been able to keep the high level of stokness around the event ! We did a time trial in teams of two and a boatercross.


So our plan B turns out to be super fun, more accessible and more safe. The after party downtown St-Raymond was a huge succes too ! We hope to see more and more people each year racing and enjoying one of the best big water creek runs on the east cost ! Everybody is welcome ! and if you need more info about the Neilson or any runs around Quebec just ask Quebec Connection via Facebook !

Thanks to my unisuit hot fuzz for keeping me warm during those big days of cold water !

Thanks to Dylan Page for the super sick photos !



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New movie out: "The land of rising sun - a kayaking adventure in Arunachal Pradesh, India"

June 01, 2014

New movie out: "The land of rising sun - a kayaking adventure in Arunachal Pradesh, India"

This movie by Nils Dippon, Jonas Gruenewald, Florian Petry and David Ernst documents the descent of the Siang River in north-eastern India. The Siang River is one of the world's most powerful rivers and drains the majority of the Tibetan plateau before breaking through the Himalayas and changing its name from Tsangpo to Siang at the Indo-Tibetan border. This is where the adventure starts: a multi-day trip far away from civilization on big water at its best. The movie "The land of rising sun - a kayaking adventure in Arunachal Pradesh, India" shows the difficulties the team had to face and the challenges that put them to the test.

Please support us and check out the movie - big water kayaking at its best. 
cheers Nils



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Nomade Media: Paradise Found Trailer (Marcos Gallegos)

May 17, 2014

Have you found paradise? We've found a few ;) - Paradise Found is a new series from Nomade Media House that will be highlighting amazing white water kayaking locations throughout the world. The first location will be the famous Futaleufu River shown through the eyes of some talented local and international talents such as, Aniol Serrasolses, Lorenzo Andrade Astorga, Marcos Gallegos, Tino Specht, Lucas Varas, and Vicente Astorga.


Paradise Found Trailer (Marcos Gallegos) from Tino on Vimeo.


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Thunderous events!

May 14, 2014

 After an intensive winter of high water, endurance training and skiing, freestyle competitions have at last started-up again. At the end of March, at St Pierre de Boeuf in the French Alps, French competitors started off the season with a white water stadium and an event which both lived up to their expectations. St Pierre de Boeuf is an old hand at organising events and all the free-stylers remember the crazy ambience of Zarbie. But, water has flowed under the bridge since then and it had been some time since the freestylers had scraped their bottoms on that particular river bed ;)

The youngsters, having heard the stories, entered the infamous American wave with apprehension. Owners of fibre boats had to grit their teeth during their first numbers – because of the sharp stones in the drop, much to the amusement of the paddlers who owned plastic boats ! So, a joyous and friendly competition, spiced-up by the organised fun and games between runs. Let's not forget the paddle fights during the Boarder Cross and the amazing talents of our paddlers who were stand-up paddling in freestyle boats.

Saturday evening, no rest for the paddlers ! All 70 of us shared an awesome tartiflette (a dish from the Alps with melted cheese poured over boiled potatos and bacon pieces.) and partied till the early hours. On Sunday, the finalists were treated to a new drop especially created for the final.

I won the the Senior Ladies category, while on the Men side scores flew off the charts with a run of over 1500 points for Sebastien Devred. In the Junior category, Thomas Richard stepped onto the top of the Men's podium whilst Nuria Fontane-Maso was on the Ladies top step.

The season continues at Tournon St Martin on the 26th and 27th of April. This will give some the chance to reinforce their first results and others the chance to win a place in Team France. So, the second heat of the Team France selections has taken place at Tournon St Martin (the Centre region of France).

The competitors were totally hyped-up and the water level was exceptionally low due to works on the river which didn't make things easier. So, the competitors fought it out in a drop that was designed to best suit the river conditions of the moment. The event organisers gave their all to create the best drop set-up possible for the demanding paddlers. After a hard fight and an impressive semi, the results were declared on Sunday.

In the Junior Ladies, Oceane Michaut took first place, beating Guenole Bourgoin, both of whom qualified for places in Team France. In Junior Men, Thomas Richard was classed 2nd behind Fabien Lanao while Lucien Schreiber snatched 3rd place.In the Canoe category, Sebastien Devred finished first in front of Jonathon Suc and Nicolas Fayol, all three selected for Team France. In Ladies, I beat Nuria Fontane-Maso (silver) and Jeromine Hervo (bronze) to take the gold medal. In Mens, the local boy, Sebastien Devred soared above his peers and surprised no-one by taking first place in front of Gael Kernin and Abel Thevenet.


Now I have my place in Team France, I can't wait for the world Cup in June and the European Championships in August.

A huge THANK YOU to all the organisers for the perfect event. 

See you soon on the water !


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Tino Specht and Marcos Gallegos Paddle the most beautiful river waves in the world !

May 13, 2014

Imagine a perfect, sunny day in kayaking paradise. Now add snow-capped mountains and river water the color of Bombay Sapphire. It's not a dream, kids, its the Futaeleufú river in Chilean Patagonia. This pristine river, with its mix of freestyle, creeking, and big water spots, is a mecca for pro boaters during the southern hemisphere summer. One spot in particular, the Cormorant Wave, pulls in all the biggest names to come and show off their skills in what would be, for most mortals, some pretty serious conditions. These guys, on the other hand, are just having a good time. A gnarly good time. Kayak Surfing the most Beautiful River in the World | The Dance, Ep. 6


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Whitewater SUP in the Triton Drysuit!

May 09, 2014

I have finally been getting back into some quality whitewater in the southeast this spring and have had a good chance to test out the Level Six Triton Drysuit!  

A drysuit is prob my favorite piece of technical gear for the river that I own.  Its a must for anyone who wants to take advantage of every season and not have to worry about staying warm and safe on the river.   In a few weeks I will be heading out to Colorado where i will literally live in my drysuit for about a month as the snow melts!  So plain and simple, The Triton drysuit is a very nice design!  Its perfect for sup since it doesn't have a tunnel, its got a very easy soft rubber T-Zip that allow you to enter and exit easily, its nice and roomy for extra layers, and its got bomber construction.  I used it for a week straight on the potomac river in some pretty serious conditions and i stayed dry as a bone.   One thing that i really liked was that the booties were very true to size.  I have used a few suits previously where the booties have tons of extra fabric which can bunch up in your shoes or neoprene booties and cause leaking and serious discomfort.  I was very impressed overall with the suit and am really looking forward to the cold water seasons in Colorado this month.   The Triton will keep me smiling while surfing on the river!  Here are some shots from last weeks session at the Potomac River just outside of DC!   Grab a Triton and get shredding on the River!  

See you on the river, 

Mike T 

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