Built To Last Inside And Out

A Commitment to quality

At Level Six, we understand the importance of durable gear. As a company committed to becoming more sustainable, keeping gear out of landfills is one of the best ways we can limit our impact while developing greener technologies. This means both constructing our gear to the highest standards while also providing industry-leading repair services that keep our gear on the water where it belongs.

While we have always taken quality seriously, this commitment to sustainability has led us to invest heavily in cutting-edge construction and quality control, as outlined below. It has also led us to improve our repair and warranty services year over year to bring you gear and service that you can trust. Our in-house warranty and repair team will handle issues directly, eliminating any need for you to go back and forth with your customer.

Repair Services

It's impossible to undo the years of overconsumption and waste that have brought us to this critical point. As a company, we're doing our best to change, but the most effective thing we can do is to invite you to join us. Whether it's at home, at a local repair shop, or with us, repair and maintain your gear. Limiting consumption and making your gear last is the first step in making a difference. Our products are made to last, and we're here to ensure that.

Learn More About Our Fabric

Exhaust is Level Six's proprietary fabric that we have innovated for years. If you are curious about its performance and construction read more below.


Addressing our industry's dirty fabric secret

100% Recycled and PFC/PFAS/PFOS Free Nylon Fabrics

All our waterproof, breathable fabrics are made of 100% recycled nylon and are PFAS-free. This includes our fabric, membrane, and DWR on all of our exhaust fabrics.

PFAS or long chain forever chemicals have been the standard for durable water repellency for outdoor garments. They are also our industry's dirty secret.

These toxic chemicals never breakdown and growing research shows the overwhelming health and environmental problems that they cause. We have been working incredibly hard and have finally eliminated PFAS. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and of continuing to hold ourselves to the highest environmental standard. We are also not alone in striving for this goal and are excited to be joined by the other industry partners in this sustainability milestone.

This is another step on our sustainability journey
with much more work to come